Trade winds blowing????????

....Didn't do much in fa BUT could we be interested in acquiring someone via trade....Rumour has it (according to the freep) that we may be willing to part ways with Steven Jyles...If this is the case...who would we deal him to and for whom...?????? Some are whispering that the Hammer T.O. or Edm. are willing to deal..hmmmmmm.. Interesting rumour but i think there's more smoke than fire here?????? :roll:

IMO this would be a bad bad move by the bombers. (Not trying to troll)

Buck has proven he can't stay healthy and Jyles played very well last season.

But as a ti-cat fan, i would be pleased to get Jyles as long as the price isnt too high. Having him back up Glenn for time being would be much more comforting than Porter having to play in case of injury.

....we have a promising guy in Elliot ,who showed us quite a lot last year as a back-up to Pierce.. AND Jordan ..we would expect some good return for Mr. Jyles...count on it :wink: Too iffy right now to speculate on 'who' could be involved in a deal:roll:

If true we would have to get a HUGE return (a young starting NI (OL or WR), 2-3 picks IMO ---- at the very least), i like Buck and Elliot but i would not be comfortable going into the season with Buck/Elliot/Brink or ??? ...... If we can ship one or more of Ralph/Cvet/January in the deal as well we could get more .... soon see i guess :roll:

Where did this rumour come from papa?

Only thing i found was Mack shooting down the rumour:

[url=] ... 59758.html[/url]

The Bombers shot down the rumour when asked for a comment by the Free Press, with GM Joe Mack stating through media relations director Darren Cameron:

"Throughout the course of an off-season, numerous players on our roster will be inquired about or discussed. This is a compliment to our players and of course, we're always looking to improve our overall talent. We have not had any discussions in particular concerning Steven Jyles and we look forward to having Steven back in 2011." Joe Mack

That said, it's no secret the organization sees Buck Pierce as its No. 1 gun and management remains high on both Alex Brink and Joey Elliott. But given Pierce's injury history -- he dressed for only five games last year and is coming off a dislocated elbow -- and the fact Brink and Elliott are unproven, dealing Jyles would be seen as extremely risky.

I AGREE 100%

If this does turn into something with either Edm or Ham we would have to see a couple of high picks (i know Edmonton picks second and Hamilton 5th in the first round) Edmonton picks #10 in the second round and Hamilton picks 13th in the second round.

Is Jyles worth second or 5th overall? Will Edm or Ham throw in a starting NI? Will mack give a pick/more player's in the trade for the higher picks?

I can't see Jyles being dealt at this point, but stranger things have happened i suppose!! If the package is right, i can see him doing it, BIG questions are what is the right package? who do we need in exchange? (starting player/s), can we get some picks and a quality starter in a position needed?

I was just thinking and this rumour makes absolutely no sense at this point, reason:

Jyles would have to pass a physical, how the heck would he pass a physical if he can't start throwing until March?

This rumour is just that a Rumour, won't happen!!

.....The whole thing is 'highly speculative'....I've heard Jyles is almost a 100 percent recovered....He's not throwing long yet but his arm and shoulder are in good shape...He rehabed as well as Buck ... Now IF we were to get a serious offer for Jyles... say a solid ni and a pic I wouldn't complain...Looking down the road at the re-entry of the Ottawa franchise we can only protect 1 qb. IF it came down to Buck and Jyles which one would you pick.... I'd protect Buck..Maybe it's a good idea to deal Jyles now, so he can start for a team who is desperate in the qb. dept. We might get something decent for him.. T.O comes to mind...Anyway...when a gm like Mack says he won't go BIG in fa and sticks to it...then says he wants to keep Jyles a Bomber....hmmmmm i'll tend to believe the keeping part....HOWEVER ..I have been fooled before :lol:

I think the rumour is BS too. Until Buck can make it through a season uninjured the Bombers are not going to pin their hopes on two QBs whose combined experience is 2 years and 3 starts.

Best to keep Jyles because for down the road when Ottawa has its supplemental draft. A long ways away but you get my drift.

where there is smoke, there is usually fire near by... i dont think the rumor is bs and i think jyles will be dealt.. think about it.. he signed a 2 year deal, this would be year 2, if he isnt the starter this year (and he wont be), he wont resign with us next year so why not try and get something in return for him..

honestly, lets think about this here, take your jyles goggles off, the guy had his chances last year and proved time and time again when the game was on the line, when we needed him to step up and make the big play.. HE DIDNT, he failed. SURE his stats are great but stats dont win u alot of games. jyles is a 5 year, 6 year vet.. this is his 3rd team now.. if he's dealt, its his 4th... that tells u something.. heres the other thing.. jyles the 5 year vet, showed about as much as elliot did, the 6 week rookie... elliot tho actually lead the bombers on a game tying fg tho in the last seconds against edmonton, something jyles in 10 11 games didnt do...

what did jyles do that elliot didnt do.. i mean really, elliot the rookie with no training camp and all of 6 weeks on the roster lost both his games by less than 4 points also. there wasnt a huge drop off in play from jyles to elliot. there really wasnt. ppl for some reason are blinded by his stats.. stats dont matter, never have, never will. perfect example of that is cleo lemon and the 9-9 argos.. dude sucked but argos got to the playoffs and won a playoff game even no?

he's been around 5 almost 6 years... and he made rookie mistakes, the mistakes ud expect an elliot or brink to make, jyles made. ppl talk about play calling from lapo, well how do u no what lapo called.. u dont, im sure he didnt call 3 hail marrrys to the end zone when we just needed a first down.. actually i believe i recall lapo saying only the first one was meant to go to the endzone.. go rewatch some of the 9 games we lost by 4 or less, jyles overthrows an open receiver, underthrows an open receiver... takes off and runs and fumbles the ball, all leading to no points and all games we lost by 4 or less. Jyles when he signed here signed here because he figured he'd be the man... thats why he signed here, he wanted his shot at being number 1.. he didnt get it out of camp, ppl talk like jyles is number 1 qb, hes not.. pierce is, jyles is number 2 and the number 4 guy showed more than jyles did.

i dunno, i just think 5 6 years in the league and u are still making mistakes that an elliot didnt make.. time to send em packing. bluengold: dude, ur fooling yourself if u think jyles is worth that much.. my guess, when we do trade him.. we wont get much more than a draft pick and maybe a canadian receiver in return. thats it.. there wont be multiple picks or anything like that or multiple players involved.. tthat just wont happen.. jyles for all his stats won 2 games maybe... his record as starter is terrible... throughout his career... and for all we know.. maybe he even asked to be traded.

fact is.. jyles is not the future of this team.. elliot is. if ppl cant see what elliot brought to the table, u guys are blind. why stunt elliots growth for a guy who pretty much had his chance to prove he could be number 1 and lose all the time.

when u lose by 4 points, thats 1 overthrow, 1 fumble, 1 underthrow.. go rewatch some games.. r eceivers are wide open and jyles either underthrows or overthrows them.. then go watch elliot hit his receivers in stride..

ive never been a fan of jyles and wasnt overly excited when they signed him so really if we could get a draft pick and maybe mAYBE a cdn receiver from someone.. they'd be dumb not to do it considering he wont resign with us this next season anyways.

There are 7 QBs on the roster at present. Everyone knows Buck is coming back off the elbow injury and his injury history and won't bring much in return. Jyles finished the year injured but showed some good things (decent arm, 19TD to 7 INT), and also some bad things (8 fumbles!) in his first extended time as a starter. He's coming off an injury albeit a less severe one than Buck. It would make sense that Edmonton would look to move Zabransky as he's Richie Halls/Danny Macioca's guy, not Tillman's/Reed's. IIRC Tillman was the guy who brought Jyles from Edm to Sask, and Reed has been around him in Sask and here in Wpg. If Jyles is in fact being shopped its b'cause he's the most marketable asset and would bring the greatest return. There's no way Mack and Lapo are foolish enough to think that Buck will play all 18 games this season unscathed. So maybe they feel that Zac Champion is good enough for now to fill in the #2 slot if/when Buck gets hurt, maybe they think Brink or Eliott can fill that role and be given the opportunity to develop further. If they do take Zabransky, well, colour me shocked. Guy seems cocky, like a young Matt Dunigan but one that hasn't done anything. He certainly can run with the ball on pass plays, I'll give him that much. As I've said in other threads, I think that next year is the big year with the new stadium and their eyes are towards getting a younger guy ready to take over the team for the next while, and in the meanwhile adding another piece by moving their most marketable asset from a position where they currently have a surplus. Or its just another rumor. Sigh. Can we just time warp to the draft please?

I'll give you Quinton Porter, a first rounder in 2012 and DeAndra Cobb

We get it you don't like Jyles and you're in love with Elliot .... No way we trade Jyles right now, if we did and Buck got injured and Elliot actually turns out to be a flop (not saying he will, but it could happen) then what? are we going to fly in Bushop again? Mack is not dumb and he is not going to risk a season (at least not 2011) hoping Buck stays healthy and if not Elliot will come in and shine, ot going to happen ..... Oh by the way Jyles contract was a 2+1 year with the third being a club option, like it or not it's Buck/Jyles/???? again for this year at least.

This is Bucks last chance IMO, if he can get through the season with no serious injuries then Jyles will be moved, if Buck gets injured, his playing days are pretty much done and Jyles takes over #1.

No thanks, We have at least one backup QB that is already better than Porter and why would we want Cobb when we have the best rusher and 2 young/fast B's on the roster already? Send Porter to T.O at least we know that he'll lose a ton of games for them. Cobb is finished in the CFL. your 5TH overall pick is solid, but you would need to send us a starting NI as well.

...Let's see....if we were to trade Jyles to:

T.O.....seems possible IF Jackson doesn't sign there...I would want a high draft pick and Watts
EDM.....a high draft pick and Greg Peach .....please NO Zabransky...doesn't have it....and NO Petersen ..he's done
Ham... a high draft pick and Markeith Knowlton

...OTHERWISE.....FORGET IT... :cowboy:

Papa, your first trade suggestion appears reasonable.

So does your second trade proposal.

But that third one? Surely you jest. A top draft pick AND last season's Most Outstanding Defensive Player for a guy who so far has been a career backup QB? O'Billovich would have to have rocks in his head to make that deal. If you wanted both a top draft pick and Knowlton, you'd have to offer one heck of a lot more than just Jyles I should think. ..

......Well c'mon MJ......It's a better deal for us....Don't forget Jyles is a starting qb....probably better than anyone else they have on their roster... :lol: ...Certainly it's a steep price...much like the 'deals' we get offered... :lol:15 champs was offering....Cobb of 'no consequence' and Porter of' less' :lol: ..I thought i'd try and upgrade our end :lol:

Oh sure it’s a tremendous deal for Winnipeg. . . if I was Mack, and Obie offered me a top draft pick and Knowlton for Jyles, I’d jump at it. But Obie’d be nuts to make such a deal. And I don’t think he’s nuts. . .

u said it yourself.. mack isnt DUMB... and he knows what jyles brings to the table, lapo had him in sask too.. THEY KNOW WHAT HE BRINGS TO THE TABLE and what he brings is inconsistency... what if pierce gets hurt? what if calvillo gets hurt? what if durant gets hurt? what if ray gets hurt? what if glenn gets hurt.. what if EVERY STARTING QB GETS HURT... its the risk you take when you are building for the future.. the problem here is... peoplle want to win today.. Most of you want a grey cup today.. what you fail to realize is it takes time to do that. Jyles, maaan, i dont get the lovefest with the guy...

am i a fan of his? no. do i "love" elliot? Not at all but if you cant see that he brought pretty much the same to the team as jyles did, you're as delushional as a ticat fan.

Fact is: we arent winning a grey cup this year.. maybe but odds are unlikely... with buck jyles or elliot as qb. u dont turn things around that quickly... MACK ISNT DUMB, lapo isnt dumb and if they think trading jyles is the right move.. well then, what makes u think it isnt? cuz pierce might get hurt?

like i said.. what if every teams starter got hurt...

ppl have a hard on for teams backup qb's but they never really do much then when a guy who is here for all of 4 weeks or 6 weeks or whatever it was comes in and looks like he belongs... you just dont give him credit. no training camp for elliot, jyles has been in this lapo offense for years, he was supposed to be the guy that came in with the advantage cuz he knows lapo's offense.. rewatch some games, take your jyles goggles off... stats dont mean a damn thing.. some say in camp jyles was the worst of the qb's we had... what does that tell u... thhat guy just doesnt have the "it" factor..

he doesnt have the leadership skills all good qb's do.. pierce has "it", elliot showed he had "it" too.

2 year deal expires this year... he wont resign. u trade him and get what u can cuz jyles is not the answer... he will never be an elite cfl qb, he's had 5 6 years to show what he can do and he's making the same mistakes he made year 1 and 2. stats.. man, who gives a crap about stats.. seems to me most ppl have a hard on for jyles because of his stats.. it has to be the stats atleast because he really didnt show much else.

U said it yourself man, MACK ISNT DUMB... and if he thinks trading jyles is the right move.. well then... deal with it.

travis lulay looked pretty good, he's been in thhe league for what 2 years now? ricky ray looked good what? his first year in the league? jyles has been a career backup for a reason... u cant see that reason... thats just too bad really.

qb's : they need to be a leader on the field, a field general really... jyles isnt. he just doesnt have that ability and he never will. Elliot does, he's a smart football smart young guy and given the chance, even if jyles is at camp.. id imagine elliot takes the number 2 spot away from him anyways.

alex brink plays half a game and ppl are ready to give up on the guy.. steven jyles has been in the league 6 years and ppl are willing to give him eventho he's something like 4 - 15 as a starter all the chances in the world. Truly bizzaro world exists in winnipeg.

dont know whats with all the love for a guy who has had his chances to show lapo and mack what he could do and failed miserably in the process. If jyles gets traded, means mack and lapo believe elliot and brink for that matter have more upside than jyles and i for one, i agree with them.

So, we cant trade jyles because pierce might get hurt? thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard...

if you're not gonna trade a guy cuz you're worried the starter might get hurt.. cut the starter then. The only ppl who seem to be worried about bucks health are ppl on msg boards.. the ppl in the know, they seem to feel he's gonna have a damn good season and ill believe them over you people anyday.

you guys are very fickle, very impatient and until u develop some patience towards this team and allow them to develop a qb on their own like an elliot or a brink... we will never go anywhere. NEVER.

jyles to toronto for a draft pick and spencer watt? id take that deal in a second.