Trade Value

According to some fans on here, Chick was invisible this year, had lost a step, and was getting paid way too much for his production. However, those same people think we should have gotten more for him in the trade.

Ideally it would have looked like this (never mind the actual mechanics of how this would work, because no one else has dealt in reality when it comes to this):

Chick and a 5th Rounder

To Hamilton
Every other team in the CFLs 1st round pick
Randomly selected second round picks
SJ Green
An all-star National Offensive Lineman
Edmonton swallows Chicks contract for the rest of the year.

Not bad for a guy who lost a step.

I can't wait til next year when these same people add Chick to the list of players that weren't good enough to still be here.

"Ican't wait til next year when these same people add Chick to the list of players that weren't good enough to still be here."

And heaven forbid John turns around and has a great remainder of the season. Those who thought he "lost a step" or "just wasn't as productive" will conveniently ignore the records of the two dealing teams, the circumstances at the time of the deal and even what they are saying now, and will be on management here for making the move.

Or maybe it is a case of Chick will be able to flourish in the Eskimo system? Obviously Edmonton wanted him, and got him for a price they are willing to pay.

Sometimes a trade is made because another team wants your guy and you feel you have a resonable replacement. You are all thinking Chick left because Austin wanted to get rid of him? Not necessarily so, and maybe just a reflection of the prevalent "dump Austin" mood of late?

To me the value of the trade is the cap room we will save. 160k at his position considering where our team is right now doesn't make any sense.

Hate to see him go, but the reality is there isn't much value on our roster right now and team trying to win a grey cup isn't going to give us a starting player.

Agreed its a salary dump

I agree, another younger player can come in and do the same job for half that price. It’s not like he was crucial.

Because of ratio problems, we are having to play a CDN at defensive end.

That only left one spot at the other end for either Chick or Tracy. Letting Chick go, and dumping his salary is a good move.

We don't lose much by playing Tracy in Chick's spot, and we have some salary cap to go after some NFL cuts or tradesfrom other teams for positions where we are weak (such as receiver)

Has anyone really looked at game footage and seen that Chick really didn't lose a step and maybe that teams have been specifically targeting him because........ he is a pretty good DE? I for one will miss him and yes HE will come back to haunt the TiCats. Not this year since we have already played Edm twice but definitely next. Unless of course we meet in GC!!!!
Another release that'll go down as a "we shouldn't have let him go". This trade REALLY SUCS!!!!!
Game /set /match for this year I am afraid.

So there are others out there also asking for a Banks trade! Unbelievably naive and shortsighted.

Oh im lovin trading an all star future HOF DE for a ST player thatll be lucky to be in the league in 2 years. Wooo highway robbery tillman you genius

well said 15 championships . I totally agree

And Tracy just turned 30 in April. Chick will be 35 in November.

If you look at players with 5 or more sacks last year (30 players, some DL, some LB, some DB), the only person older than Chick is John Bowman (by about 4 months).

Of the current top 5 sack leaders in the league, Charleston Hughes is the only one older than 32 (he’s 33). It’s a young man’s game. Chick can still play, but at his age, he’s not a guy you make future plans around.

The evolution:

Today: He's a bum. He sucks. He definitely lost a step. He needs to go

Tomorrow: Why didn't we get more for him (Or anything in the case of a release)?

Next Year: I can't believe the talent management on this team. Boy I wish he was still in a Ticat uniform. I can't believe they let him get away