Trade value on this team

Ok so we need major help on the D-line, and a number one receiver wouldn't be bad either, the question is is there any trade value on this team we can give up without disturbing the solid core of players we have? i.e Printers, Lumsden, Moreno, Bauman, Miles. Right now I think our best bet would be NML. He is underperforming, but is still a solid player. I however think we would be better giving him up and maybe a draft pick for a number one receiver, such as Nik Lewis or Kerry Watkins. An American can step in to take his place, and to balance the ratio maybe move Clinton Wayne up, or start Sandy Beveridge over the under performing Glasper. Other than him there are few players worth giving up that have any trade value, maybe Bekasiak, Dyakowski or Chang. Feel free to plug in anymore players that have trade value.

IMHO, receivers are OK. Young, but deeply talented. They need some polishing, but that will come. When Giguere comes back, the corps will be improved.

D-line is our biggest weakness (and the reason our linebackers and DBs are failing). However, I'm not sure we could trade NML for another D-lineman.

As for trade value on the rest of the team... there is none, unless Obie wants to take a chance and trade on of our backup QBs or RBs. However, with Printers and Lumsden prone to injury, it's not the best idea.

Obie's best bet is to wait for NFL cuts.

And, if in your wildest imagination, you think any GM in the CFL would trade a Nick Lewis or a Kerry Watkins for NML, even with a draft choice tossed in, then give me a call, I have some Florida swampland I'm sure you'd be interested in purchasing.

Your money for nothing and chicks for free.

Maybe not Nik Lewis, but someone solid. I think Watkins is a possibility, i don't think Popp is huge on him.

Igotta wonder, but no question we need a bit of an airlift on the DL...

Mariuz is being a better ST layer than a linebacker

(and I am being frustrated by the 3-4 Defence that cannot stop the run), but lets adjust the player rather than the coacing at this point!

On offence, lets let CP find some receivers,,,it takes a couple years for them to fing Sunch,,, and thats the prices we need to pay!


How often have the cats used a 3-4 defence this year?

We drop 9 into coverage on 2nd and long and i think its worked maybe a few times, most of the time they get 1st down..

They practiced it a lot in training camp that I know for sure.

Throughout the season so far I have noticed they go into that formation on 2nd down a lot. So I think the players are used to it already.

Throughout the season so far I have noticed they go into that formation on 2nd down a lot. So I think the players are used to it already.
And now for something completely different. Let's try a blitz in which we send 1 more than they have to protect and hurry a throw instead of allowing 9 guys to "cover" 4 receivers and still give up a first down most of the time.

The Cats use a 3 man front - 3 linebackers and drop 6 men in to coverage. It very seldom works - then what has worked defensivley this year. Not enough talent - vanilla defensive scheme.

Heres an idea we don't use enough- Load the line of scrimmage with 7 or 8 guys, linebackers/DB's showing blitz, then 2 or 3 drop back in to coverage and the rest rush. Pretty simple I know but not for Creehan. Any line backer blitzes on his defence come from a base defence, no motion, no one moving up to the line or anything.

Yeah, so?

What would that solve?

Our defense played a pretty good game against the Blue team, what happened?? Or was T.O`s offence that bad?