Trade troy davis

This is what I think the ti-cats should do. Trade troy Davis and get a young QB thats an up incommer BC maybe would like his service. I think that lumsden can carry the ticats into the future. I think its great that he has a chance to make this team and start. I remeber watching him in Mcmaster and think he will be great in teh cfl. I feel if given the chance he can start. If this is done I believe that running back will be the new hot position for Canadains. Montreal has lapointe and Edmonton has a canadian running back as well. I beleive BC all so, but i'm in Korea so it is hard to keep up with everything like back home in Canada. :cry: Well lets hope the ticats win over edmonton. :shock:


Didn’t he guarentee that he would rush for 2000 yards this year ?

Trade Davis to Edmonton for Maas; with Antonio Warren, can't see BC being terribly interested in him.............

JESSE LUMSDEN AT McMASTER, THE CIS IS THE WORST FOOTBALL LEAGUE IN THE WORLD , lumsden is sooo overrated , i say you keep troy davis who is one of the top rushing RBs in the league, if he was on a good team, lumden couldnt hold troy davis jock , he sucks he played at mcmaster not realy a great league u know

The CIS is a good league, but the OUA sucks. Canada West is great football. I do also like some Atlantic programs.

YAH srry everyone i meant the OUA like mcmaster,waterloo, western, all theese elagues shouldd not even be compared to down south, so he is jsut WAYYYY over rated

The only thing that is differnce between the NCAA and CIS is the skilled positions. Wide Recievers are faster, and runningbacks are stronger. Any other position will be even right across the board. My buddy plays D-line in Can West and destroyed an O-lineman from the states in one on ones, that now plays with the Packers. I belive that if Jesse Lumsden played in Can West he would not have had the outrageous number as he put up in the OUA.

I would have to disagree with you. Lumsden is a hell of a runner. He didn't get the most yards in that NCAA all-star game for nothing. He didn't get invited to the seahawks training camp for nothing.
And I think he woul have done just as well in canwest as in OUA. in can west he would have played the whole game instead of being taken out after half time.

he went to the seahaks because his little daddy has contacts in seattle, how weird the only place tht offers him tryouts are the team his dad has freinds with,

OUA sucks

I GUESS well see how bad lumsden will be

i;ve been sayin this for over a week now....TRADE DAVIS!!!....he's not gonna be with the TI-CATS next year, so trade him to a playoff-bound team that could use the depth.
his contract is up at the end of this year anyways ( i think ), so the team who gets him is basicly renting him for a playoff run....the eskimos could use could calgary....davis / reynolds combo could be lethal.

keith / homes in sask, avery / millington in T.O., davis / reynolds in calgary????...would giv'em a good shot at upsetting edmonton in the first round.

i hope Ottawa signs him in the offseason, tho.....his value has decreased from a poor '05 season....and him with ranek AND joseph would have opposing D's crying in frustration.

i say davis for mass

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click the link to an article on down the page, and on the RIGHT theres a poll: which is the biggest rivalry in sports?

yankees vs red sox
leafs vs sens (shoulda been leafs habs )
pacers vs pistons
cowboys vs redskins

please vote argos vs ticats, so canoe gets the message, the CFL is more important than NFL, MLB, or NBA

Good one…oh, my sides… :lol:

Forgotten about the Quebec league, have you? Two straight Vanier's for those guys...

I wouldn't mind seeing Davis in red and white.. how about we trade for Ralph the dog and then trade back after the playoffs are over? We'll have a better chance of winning down the stretch, and you guys will at least be able to have a good laugh for your last few games.

No way do i want Davis over Reynolds!!!!

Speaking of Davis did anyone else see how slow Davis looked
when he was trying to chase down Brian Clarke on his interception
for a td. I hope he was gassed because that was awful.

Billy Soup, Lumsden is a outstanding player, but I think he would be better if he actually had some defences that challenged him, and games where he actally had to try for 100 yard games. Don't get me wrong he still would have been a great back, but he would not have had the crazy record setting numbers he did in the OUA. EskiMoses -- Laval is the only team in the Quebec conference. Yes, they are good, It will be a rematch in the Vanier Cup this year. U of S Huskies will win this year.

eskylo, try re-reading my post...i never said trade davis to calgary FOR reynolds..i said calgary should GET davis to TEAM WITH reynolds!!!!

much like saskatchewan has Holmes & Kieth
Toronto has Millington & Avery

imagine Reynolds & Davis
Ranek & Davis in Ottawa ( with Joseph )

The way he's running tonight against the Esk's.... he's a keeper...

i think they SHOULD keep him, but i dont think they will.....hes a free agent at the end of the year, and i think they're grooming Lumsden to take his place in '06.....atleast thats what the hamilton spectator keeps printing.