Since Calgary now has 6 very good receivers who are we trading to get one? They cannot possibly keep all of them. There will be a lot of fighting for playing time.Copeland,Lewis,Rambo,Boerigter,Thurman and now looks like Thewell. What defense is gonna take that receiving core on.

Yeah I know I posted something earlier regarding that offence. Don't forget Reynolds either. They'll be lighting up scoreboards all over the league. I wouldn't trade chances are at the end of camp one of them will be cut and we might be able to get them for nothing.

I think we should trade for Rambo..then we can have "Rocky" throw to "Rambo"..
see the connection there?..see it!?do you see it!? :wink: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

why trade when they'll cut a few soon?

Some name receivers will be chopped soon (maybe from Calgary and some other teams) due to the SMS. Free agent signings will play a part in this.

I can still see the Cats trading Fleming and a draft choice or other starter (like Wayne Shaw, maybe) for a name receiver.

Domingues might be available in Saskatchewan. Tillman has publically stated that he is shopping around some high-priced vets before having to cut them outright due to SMS concerns.

Exactly, the cutting process during/after the FA sweeps will be a feature of the CFL with the SMS, as it is in the NFL under their cap. Teams have to rejig their books now when reloading.

Oski Wee Wee,

That's a good one. I decided to add to it by looking at a list of Stallone's other famous characters and trying to add a clever reference about one of them. But I soon realized that he doesn't really have any other characters that have become household words.

Sorry Stallone.

both calgary and sask have way too many recievers and are going to need to cut some of them eventually.



You have omitted Tounkara and Corey Grant from the Saskatchewan list.......there will certainly be moves made there.

but those guys arent 'name' guys....they can't help the ticats.

The riders also signed two ex-NFLers this week that apparently were big time contributors in college (Curtis Jackson and Joshua Tinch). Jason Richardson could be back as well but this is doubtful because he is exploring his options down south and the Riders already have a lot of good receivers. In the end, some of the guys off that list will be cut or traded, so Hamilton may have a shot at getting one of these receivers.

All we need now is a cheerleader who goes by the name