Trade tick's off former Bomber!

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"It's a business," said Warner, 31. "But they want to build a team to win the Grey Cup there and they think Nate Davis can do the job? Nate Davis can't come anywhere close to me."
Taman's response?
"He can prove that in Edmonton," he said. "I'm really looking forward to that game (against the Bombers in Edmonton) on July 13," Warner said.

Yup Taman is gooooood! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

now im normally not into cocky additudes.....but ron warner scares the piss out of me so ill let it fly

plus i think he will help us greatly

You could see this one coming- the Bombers sign Nate Davis and a vet gets traded- Warner has ample reason to be angry and well he should be-- he basically got traded for a guy who is washed up and going to be a bust for the Bombers this year. Edmonton got a great deal.

Warner had it coming. This is the guy that tried to dodge his contract with the Bombers to play in the AFL. The Bombers don't owe him anything.

Im sorry, but Nate Davis, if he stays healthy (and I know its a big if), can still dominate in this league.

I see where the Bombers have signed FA DT Haywood from the Alouettes and Renegades.
With Doug Brown at 6'08 and Haywood at 5'09 they will give new meaning to the "you hit him high and I'll hit him low" saying.

I liked Warner, considering he was a DE that we converted to DT I thought he did a pretty decent job. I wish him nothing but the best in Edmonton. But with Davis, Eric Wilson and now Jerome Haywood all fighting for one DT position, he would have likely been released after camp. For Taman to get a NI who could be our starting safety this year is absolute genius.

you think haywood and wilson are better then warner hahahahah ok pig

oh pig you forgot to mention in there that jason nugent has a devastating knee injury, and that we have jr larose who is miles better then jason nugent so we realy lost nothing and gained a whole hell of alot

Let the trash talk begin!
I think Warner maybe thinks a little to highly of himself.
He is only one year younger than Nate, and has never been the player that Nate has been.
If Nate can keep the back spasms down, and his weight, he can still play a couple more years.
Or maybe the Bombers will find a youngster to beat him out.

But more importantly from the "business" side that Warner mentions, is that the Bombers added a Canadian DB, who might play for ten years as opposed to the 2-3 Warner will, max.

The odds of Warner beating out Davis, Haywood and Wilson for the position are less than the odds that he would have been released.

As did we.

...Warner folded his tent half-way through last year....had visions of playing in the AFL....when that didn't work he thought he'd just assume his ol' position with the Blue ...but once you cross Taman you can pretty well say goodbye....He should look good in Green n Gold til he gets 'warnered' out ...then he'll expect someone to carry his can...Nate Davis was and is a superior player ...and physically, is in as good a shape as Warner..... :wink:

You think he will actually beat out the guys you already have?
I think the Bombers are taking a bit of a gamble on the injury, but on the other hand, Warner looks like training camp cannon fodder to me.

and how does he look like training camp fodder

the 4 sacks in one game last year?

leading the league in tackles for a loss?

He didnt have the stamina to keep it up the whole year, he had to pack on the pounds just to play the DT position because he was too slow and old to play DE anymore. Granted injuries slowed him down a bit in the second half but he was almost invisible in the second half of the season despite playing beside the best nose tackle in the league in Brown. He should have had 4 sacks every game, not 4 for the whole year.

he made brown and walls and canada better...did you wonder why they all had career years when he played with them...its called double teaming and getting ur teamates the tackles

corny, Doug Brown draws a double team every play of every game, as did Nate Davis in his prime, these are 7 foot 300 pound monsters we are talking here. Warner's only job last year along with with Canada and Walls was to sack the qb. Canada and Walls excelled as the year wore on Warner disappeared.

4 sacks in one game/6 sacks for the entire year.
Big deal.
His stats aren't that good.
They aren't horrible either, but just not special.
And if Nate Davis can play at, or even near the level he has for the last few years, he will be better than Warner.
Which leads me to my point.
As one of the oldest d-lineman Edmonton will have in camp this year, I'll let you inform me as to which one of your starters from last year will be cut so Warner can play?

I mean, if he makes the team, good for him.
But I won't suddenly fear the Smoe d-line, and the Bombers still got a decent Canadian prospect.
Not sure how it was a bad trade for the Bombers.

hey piggy im just telling you the facta for why he slowed down..he started off UNBELIVABLE...was better then doug brown times 2, then they started doubling him since he was taking everyones head off ( i remember week 3 he destroyed us) and halfway through the year, they doubled him and tht gave more room to help the other d-line members