TRADE-Ticats send pick to BC for NI Seydou Junior Haidara

HAMILTON - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have added some national depth to their receiving corps, acquiring Seydou Junior Haidara from the BC Lions in exchange for the Ticats’ fifth round pick (43rd overall) in the upcoming CFL Draft and the rights to a player on Hamilton’s negotiation list.

The need for a national receiver became somewhat of a priority for the Tiger-Cats after learning that Spencer Watt would miss the entire 2015 campaign with a torn Achillies; an injury sustained while training.

Hamilton elected not to retain veteran national slotback Samuel Gigure this off-seaosn, opting to pick up Watt from Toronto’s roster in free agency.

Haidara, a 6-1, 215-pound native of Quebec City, Quebec, was selected in the second round (12th overall) of the 2013 CFL Draft. In two seasons with the Lions, Haidara recorded seven catches for 77 yards and 24 special teams tackles. A product of Laval University, Haidara was a member of the 2012 Vanier Cup championship team, catching 23 balls for 294 yards and three touchdowns in his final season with the Rouge et Or.

While S.J.'s CFL stats don't paint an impressive picture, this article, written during is first CFL training camp (2013), paints one of young man who should fit in very well with Kent Austin's team.

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They didn't pay very much for him. Good trade for Hamilton :thup:

The rights to the neg-list player is the wild-card. If I recall correctly, Chris Williams was a neg-list rights player Hamilton got from Saskatchewan in a trade involving other players.

Can work out to be nothing - could work out to be HUGE.

The interesting question is if Wally gets to select "anyone" off Hamilton's neg-list? Is it predetermined as to who before trade is completed? Is it any of "these" but not "those"?

I'm guessing the neg-list player is named & agreed upon before trade is completed.

aye, the gator is gonna pick the ticats clean :wink:

SJ Haidara just got a great opportunity! He was playing behind PoBlah, Ianuzzi and the recently signed AK Collie in BC
Now he is up against Coates and Aprile for a possible starters role.
He loves special teams play with 24 special teams tackles in 2 seasons
Great pick up for a 5th

I liked reading this
"I love special teams," he said with enthusiasm. "That's what I love the most, the punt coverage and kick coverage.
"I like hitting people. It brings another aspect to football."

WOW. Austin has been aggressive from day one with the Cats. He knows what he wants and needs and goes and gets it.
Not afraid to pull the trigger.
SJH for a 5th and neg list player really good trade for the Cats. He was rate smewhere about 10-12 in 2013 draft and went about the same place in that draft. He is right on track for a drafted player entering his 3rd season. For a receiver cutting his teeth on coverage teams and making an impact is above the usual receiver.
Crowded and talent receiving corp of some top flight Imports as well as several other highly drafted Nationals that are or were on the roster when he got there.

I don't think it has been noted in this thread yet that the negotiation list player was DT Andre Monroe of Maryland.

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Cats were probably not going to need another DT.

I expect the reason it was only a fifth round choice is that probably (I can't find this anywhere) Haidara is in his option year.

Thanks for posting Spike.

Excellent trade by Austin. :thup:

This is a guy who's worth investing in. The Lions may have lost patience being that they have a new coach with a mandate to win now. I believe Haidara didn't speak one word of English when he left for BC, that has probably improved. That and ADD syndrome means it may take a little longer for him to develop but I think it will come.

if he only plays ST and provides back up insurance he is well worth the 5th plus neg list player.
^^Question if anyone knows the answer.
So the Cats give up a neg list player. Can they just go ahead and add another now?

Yes, teams can have up to 35 players on their Neg list and up to 45 during the off season

Thanks Grover,
So depending on how the Cats had this defensive lineman rated the Neg list player may just be a throw in.
Goodness knows we are currently well stocked at this position.