Trade that cancer Holmes**

“A cancer in the dressing” can start with a player whining and complaining
or generally expressing negative comments in the dressing room, drummer_god.

Some player agree and spread these comments around to other players.

Others don’t agree and may even strongly oppose them
so the dressing room becomes divided into two opposing camps
with hard feelings flashing back and forth between them.

Then this can develop into a major focal point of the team
and it takes away from the business at hand…

preparing to win football games.

I believe we have had a few of these lately but…

Corey is definitely not the kind of a man
who whines and complains.

I agree with Drumming God. All of a sudden he has this mysterious "leg injury"? That has a hint of bull in it. They do this all the time in baseball and and hockey. Place him on IR just before a game. Than a couple
of day later.. Bang! tarded away! The guy is asking for something like 200,000.00. Theres noway we will pay that much. Trade him away and lets hope we get something good for him. And maybe guys, just maybe, the cats are gasp lying about his injury

considering holmes has been one of the few that was still willing to take hits and sacrifice the body for extra yards lately (although the last two games can be excepted as they were more of a team effort) one of two scenarios must be true:

He is A) hates the team but still is playing his ass off and is therefore the stupidest player alive, OR
B) you're full of it and he's just playing foorball because he loves playing football and will probably resign here.