Trade that cancer Holmes**

is it any coincidence that 2 of the ticats 3 wins have come with Holmes outta the lineup?...both the win in winnipeg and last nite, the team played alot more relaxed and came out with a WIN.

im sure not seeing a teammate putting a Saskatchewan mouthguard in in his mouth might have something to do with it....not hearing him GUSH about saskatchewan might have something to do with it. corey holmes sends the message 'hey, im a rider and your not my teammates' to the rest of his ticat mates.

when your 'superstar' clearly does NOT want to be on your team, it must hurt team morale and chemistry....and you know he's gone after this season.

i was glad to hear the ticats have had enough of this crap, getting him outta the lockeroom sayin he has a 'mystery' injury, and are lookin to trade his ass.

I disagree completely... hes a class act on and off the field... plays hard and was given the short end of the stick by Marshall and Paopao.

We have to get him signed for the long term, he's a special back and we cant afford to let him go.

Coincidence, yes.

How do you know he is a cancer? Facts?

gushin over sask. every chance he has and wearin a sask mouthguard, letting teammates know hes a rider not a tabbie.

I was out of the loop for a few days, and was suprised to hear that there was an injury. I didn't recall him getting injured while playing. Does anyone remember exactly how the injury was supposed to have happened? Maybe it is a mystery injury...

How do you know that mouthguard isnt fitted and hes comfortable with it?

hes not injured...i think the ticats GM identified holmes as the guy not wanting to be on the team.

IF u remember that interview with brian williams, the GM said theres 'some guys who dont want to play for this team, and we gotta get rid of them'....odd, cuz holmes doesnt want to play for this team, and now he has 'mystery injury' to get him outta the lockerroom while they look to trade him.

Corey is a gentleman; quiet and soft spoken.
He goes out of his way to be nice to fans.
He never says anything but positives.

Come to think of it, Corey is the second coming of Pinball Clemons!


Neither Troy last year nor Corey this year ever expressed publicly
that they didn’t want to be here, like so many want fans to claim
and I am pretty sure Corey doesn’t express that in the locker room.

One has to separate the reality of each player
from the hardball negotiating stance of their agents.

im not sayin hes not a nice sayin he doesnt want to play for the cats and is a cancer to THIER lockerroom...

Because he wears a green mouthguard???

I think Parker wears an orange one. Is he a cancer too?

I think the use of the word "cancer" gives the impression that you think he's not a nice guy :roll: I seem to remember reading that Corey said he really wants to re-sign here. He might be wrong though, maybe he really doesn't :wink:

check again …it has a clear sask. rider logo on it…sending the message, ‘im a rider’

for those who still havent seen it:

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Holmes has a sprained MCL, and will be out at least four weeks. It has been reported in the Spec at least twice. Pay attention and stop starting baseless rumours. And don't give me any conspiracy theories. By putting Holmes on the IR, the Cats have all but eliminated the possibility of a trade this season.

And give up on the mouthguard thing. Athletes in all sports have pieces of equipment that they become attached to, either because of comfort or effectiveness, or because they were wearing it when they scored their first touchdown/goal/etc. I was on a team with a guy who had to wear his lucky underwear in competition... and after 4 years, it wasn't a pretty sight. :o

the spec just reported this late last week after the edmonton sun noticed and reported it first…maybe u should pay attention.

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whats funny tho, is after holmes leaves and re-signs in sask. every ticat fan on here will be bashing him. remember this.

Keep Holmes. Trade Drummer God.

again this may be just be rumour, but i heard somewhere that holmes is demanding 200,000 for next year and the cats won't pay it.

whats funny tho, is after holmes leaves and re-signs in sask. every ticat fan on here will be bashing him. remember this.
I don't think anyone is going to bash him. He's a great player, we all know this. That's why for weeks we were all yelling to get him the ball more.

And buddy, what happens if we re-sign him? Should we then bash you for your silly rumour mongering?

I think We need Find a Way to Keep Holmes.

Give what he Want Money Wise
Trade Josh in the Off Season

Josh Jessy and Anthony are Same Kind of Back Bulldosers

One has to go
Who Cost The most of the 3
Josh Dose..

This will give us the Cap room we need to Keep Corry

He too big Threat to give up

go for it...cuz it wont dejardans comments..he said they havent come to terms after 14 weeks, and its unlikely thats gonna change.

Drummer God is just trying to stir up trouble. Somehow he's managed to convince people on the CFL forums that he knows something about football, when he knows about as much about football as I do about biochemistry, being nothing.

Take your trolling elsewhere.