Trade Taman

He is responsible for this team and the lack of talent available to the coaching staff.Why in earth did he get an extension to his contract. Bufffoon

Seriously Piggy, Hank and Pappa! I did not pay this guy and I do not even know him! But wow he is a great poster! Keep it up Top Hat your great! :lol:

Top Hat, RW2005 have been asking that question for months.

By the way, Thanks for Geory Simon. :wink:

Yea, well Stegall, Simon and Arland Bruce would make a the Bombers better, even with Kevin Glenn at the controls. The hardest thing is with proper management and financial wherewithall they could all be wearing Bomber Blue. Dare I dream!
By the way, unsubstantiated but Taman's wife supposedly is responsible for the Blue Brigade cheerleaders. And they could use a little tune-up too, ever hear about getting in shape before you show off your fat ass and jiggly love handles to the public.

the also had marcus howell a while back... gone. Is it possible to trade GMs? Like whats he gonna do phone up hamilton gm Marcel Desjardins and say hey ill come be the gm for hamilton and u come be here for winnipeg?

I agree, Taman got to go, but keep Stegail.

Taman can make a great team that doesn't last!!!

What could the Bombers get for Taman, and who would want him?