trade talks

if we could offer you Fred Reid, and a Very good DE, what would you offer winnipeg in return... Just interested in what some Fans here would have to say to this

Is the DE Canadian or import? And not Fred Perry, please.

Assuming it's not Perry, I'd give you Clermont and Armstead, plus I'll give you back your second round pick next year in exchange for your 5th or 6th rounder that year(whichever you still have). If the DE is Canadian, then you can still have Clermont and you can choose between Armstead and Foord, plus the pick.

And, if you don't like Clermont, you can have any other import WR from our roster, other than Dressler.

If you're willing to pick up the tab I'll give you Dorsey along with Dalton Bell and Hugh Charles.

Charles I thought about, but then figured they may want a Canadian backup - ie: Foord. Plus they have greater needs at receiver.

I'd prefer to give up Armstead rather than Dorsey.

And, they have a gazillion unproven QB's under contract - they probably won't value one more very highly.

PS: the name that will make you forget Rey Williams - Kye Stewart. You heard it here first.

Trading Dorsey means throwing away a $60 k signing bonus which sticks in the craw but Armsted will play for less money and would allow us to take a step back from the cap limit. I'm worried about only having one QB with experience so I thought by trading Bell we may be able to re-sign Jyles which would give us some experience if anything happens to Durant. I like Stewart too and I don't see anything wrong with Freeman. I think we'll be okay if we can just get one proven defensive end. Does anyone smell a trade in the works?

Freeman seemed a touch slow to me last year...although that was in Tad's Will spot. He might be fine at the Mac spot. But Stewart could be a good one, assuming he's fully recovered.

Part of me hopes we have both Dorsey and Armstead - with Dressler, that's 3 game-breakers that all can be deployed in a number of ways.

DE is obviously a need, although I think Joe Sykes will be a decent player. Kitwana can play in certain situations, but yeah, an every down DE would be wonderful. No one in the CFL is deep at that spot, so if there's a trade coming, it'll be a team parting ways with a starter, so the asking price may be high.

i wasnt thinking perry, i dont think perry has any value in this league anymore... we will probably cut him, and it wouldnt suprise me if no one picks him up

i was thinking Phillip Hunt, saw action in 5 games and had 11 Tackles and 3 sacks

Armstead is interesting, had over 1200 yards with ottowa as a reciever... wonder how he could do there if givin an opportunity... problem is he cant do both returns and reciever, or he has some major brain cramps...

but it appears ae has caught up with Clermont though... i dont think i would give fred ried and phillip hunt for that offer.

I think Freddy will do a lot better this year now that the offence isnt so predictable

i would think winnipeg is pretty deep at DE... Phillip Hunt, Odell Willis, Gavin Walls, and we had a promising young guy named Chase Ortiz who has looked very promising(think he ended of the year on the PR tho)... We also have Perry, but like i said in my last post, i cant see him sticking around