Trade talk

Here is a deal that makes all kinds of sense, if you're a Cat fan. First sign Tristan Clovis as a free agent from Sask, leaving a gap in their secondary, then offer Jason French and the number one pick in the draft to Sask for Andy Fantuz. That allows Sask to draft the hometown hero Dylan Barker to play safety and French replaces Fantuz. Cats get Clovis to compete at the safety spot and Fantuz steps into the receiver corps. Sask would probably gain some cap space too. If that doesn't happen then draft the reciever from Sherbrooke, he'll likely make a bigger impact than Barker will as a rookie DB. Draft for the greater need and receiver seems like a more glaring weakness.

No way on this earth will Tillman trade Fantuz. The fallout from a deal like that would make the Joseph trade seem like a tempest in a teapot compared to the storm he'd find himself in.

But nice try. :slight_smile:

No way the Riders make that trade - not going to deal Fantuz.

Will the Ticats draft Barker 1st overall with all the safety candidates they already have? - better be sure they rate him a sure-fire starter. I'll bet they are tempted to draft Giguere 1st - superb testing numbers and you need receivers (often 5 or even 6 in the game) more than you need extra safeties.

Cager I love the deal from a Cats' perspective.

Hate the deal from a Saskatchewan perspective.

Have to Agree will not happen.

I think we should propose the following trade (in a blockbuster, almost league wide, 7 team deal):

Radelin and the first round draft pick in a deal that would see the Ticats acquire the following players:

Geroy Simon
Jason Tucker
Ken-Yon Rambo
Andy Fantuz
Milt Stegal
Ben Cahoon

The other teams involved can work out the rest of the details

Sarcastically yours,


Would love to see Fantuz here, but we already have a few back-up safeties. Why would we sign another? We need a starter for that spot.


The only way I take that deal is if you throw in Cameron Wake :wink:

Chris Bauman will be a good receiver, and why can't we draft Dylan Barker?

I would like to see Milt Stegal here!

They just might, along with Stephenson!

My choice for #1 is GIGUERE, I think he will
be another FANTUZ, Where Bauman will be ok
but not a consistant as GIGUERE.
We can always pick up an good import DB,
instead of Drafting Barker.

Bauman is basically Fantuz
Barker is basically Clovis

I'll take the younger and cheaper pair in Bauman and Barker!

Bauman 2007 season totals 370 yards receiving with 0 TDs

Fantuz week 13 and week 15 was 382 yards with 4 TDs

Fantuz also holds the CIS single-season receiving yards record and the CIS career receiving yards, touchdowns and receptions records.

But they do play the same position, and were born in the same country, sorry but not close in abilities.

You forgot to list Baumans 40 drops.

Hogtownwash. You can't compare a rookie with a guy who's had a season under his belt and time to learn (never mind the fact the rookie was on a 3-win team with a lousy offense).

Bauman year 1: 30 for 370 yards (12.3 yards per)
Fantuz year 1: 30 for 408 yards (13.6 yards per)

A little more similar? Thought so.

(oh, and Fantuz has gotten knocked for the dropsies at times too - happens to a lot of receivers)

I'd say secondary was our biggest weakness. Receivers weren't great, but an unstable QB situation didn't help their performance last year either.

Barker and Giguere are both solid #1 picks. But a safety has more opportunity to be involved in every play than a receiver does, which means more potential to make a bigger impact.

Tough call. If we'd kept Getzlaf the choice would be easier. Either way I think we'll get a good player, and should hang onto that #1 pick.

Ticats Love Barkers Size ..
They Think He may be a Linebacker
so We have Depth there.
As Much I Like Barker
If where going to Move Barker away from his Natural Pos.

I Draft Giguere
Cause we have a Few good linebackers
who are Canadian already.

If they Play him at Safety then Draft Barker.

This kind of post is what happens when you start drinking too early in the morning.

hey about Jimenez for Ritchie Williams??? :twisted: