Trade Stegall to a winner.

I know, some will say it sounds like heresy but I don't believe that Milt will ever win a Cup with the Blue Bombers. Trade him to a legit contender while his stock is still high and he can still contribute.

wghat kind of comment is that to make?

...and who would that winner be????????.....Stegall will finish his career as a WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBER....HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT HAVE TO BE SAID....this team still has a shot...after we straighten things out in the next little while...we still have game...

It happened to Ray Bourque, when he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche. It happens. And again this past year, with Mark Recchi going to Carolina. Franchise players get traded away to win all the time.

i dont think stegal ever said he wants to win with another team. he wants a grey cup with winnepeg. if he simply wanted a grey cup he would have become a free agent and signed on with another team in a huge bidding war for a ton of cash. simple as that

Wait a minute. A few years ago he held up Winnipeg over contract negotiations. Of course he won't say anything, certainly not publicly. If fans really care (not that their opinion even counts) they should be happy if Milt got a legitimate chance at winning the cup. As another post says, "What team would that be" Well I would suggest Calgary, BC or Sask could use him. Toronto would take him in a minute. The answers are never simple and if given the opportunity to move I would never hold that against him.

who cares if he held up winnipeg for contract negotiations. he wanted a raise and deserved it. if u want a rais and they arent giving u one what are u sposed to do? lay over and let them do what they want? like i said, if he simply wanted a grey cup, he coulda left a few times, to a better team by becoming a free agent, and getting even more cash then he is now. he wants a grey cup in winnipeg and he wants to finish his career in winnipeg. to trade him would be a slap in the face, and is a rediculous suggestion.

Apparently you are willing to sacrifice the future of the team for one's man quest for the Cup. Listen, I think the world of Milt but I want to see a winner here and if you believe that they will make it to the Cup with the present personnel you must be watching a different team than me. Who is it a slap in the face to? Milt? The Team? The Fans? Who cares, this is about winning not about is who your favorite player. Unless there are changes at Qb and receivers (other than Milt if you exclude him) this team will not win a Cup before Milt retires. Oh, sorry maybe if Casey Printers comes here, Mike Sellers gets cut by Washington and Juran Bolden is reincarnated.

two words mate, NOT HAPPENING!!!

No disrespect to Stegall, but why would he want to be traded away? The man has loyalty, something that few players in the CFL possess. As a previous post mentioned, Milt could have left years ago if the Cup was his goal! Won't be happenin' if Milt has anything to say about it!

Milt= BlueBomber 4 Lyfe. Simple.

besides, what if Stegail decides to play one more season?

Now that we have seen the real Bombers over the last 5-6 weeks, I think it's time the organization trades Stegall to let him have a chance at a cup. The Blue will be rebuilding for several more years it looks like.

Sorry, I guess this was already discussed in August . . .

...why is it....everytime we lose...someone suggests we trade Stegall....UNLESS we can get a starting qb. of any value...(and i doubt it with Milt only playing another year at most)...IT'S NOT THE ANSWER... :?

Trading Stegall is flat out stupid. He has been the heart and soul of the bomber roster for years. And yes he deserves to hold the Grey Cup he plays for the team he wants to. He has been and will always be a true blue bomber until he retires. As he says he just goes out and has fun playing. Winning the cup to him probablitiy isn't as big a deal to him as it is to all of us. He stills stands for the right reasons of football and that is loyalty for his team, and love of the game.

ya know i no the bombers are gonna win the cup. This year. Milt will break the TD record, win the cup and retire, and it just so happens its in winnipeg this year, the team that hes loved all these years…

Fantuz, Crandell, and Dorsey for Stegall.

Trading Milt? Ouch! That hurts.

I would trade anyone on the Bombers right now including Stegall, but you would have to get one hell of a lot in return for him, I mean 2 outstanding receivers or one and a starting qb.