Trade speculation

So, the trade deadline is this week, & even though Jones said in his presser that he's not expecting anything, maybe he's been told after the Vernon Adams "trade" fiasco to keep his mouth shut until any deals are sealed.

There was an article on 3downnation about multiple teams having interest in SJ Green:

While Toronto has said he's not available, it's possible they might try to move him for a pick.

With Toronto & Montreal out of the playoffs, is it possible the Cats try to swing a deal with either team? I can't think of anyone on Montreal outside of Chris Ackie that I would want....on Toronto, maybe Cleyon Laing or Frank Beltre. Edmonton is foundering in the West & they likely wouldn't give up anyone from their roster I would want.

Who would you want to trade for at this point in the season, and how likely is it to happen?

I’d take Carter off Argos hands for a pick. I think Jones could do wonders with Carter.

I can't imagine bringing in him at this point in the season is a good idea.

If the Cats wanted Carter they would have just outbid the Argos when he was released from the Riders.

Is there another Carter that I'm unaware of that you're talking about that plays for Toronto besides the son of Chris ? Because if the one you are talking about is that son of a Chris ? Well thanks BUT NO Thanks on the Cats bringing him and his baggage to the Hammer . I don't really know how much you pay attention but Carter has done absolutely SFA since joining the boatmen .

I think an all purpose player like Chris Rainey would fit well onto our team.

Short fast guy - check

Special teams demon - check

Free agent after this season - check

Yes Chris Rainy may possibly help our return game, but he seems to have lost a step, like speedy(in return game).

We got rid of the last guy that scored a td for a return.
(With a depleted recieving core, we can use a strong returner)