Trade sending Davis from Hamilton to Calgary voided

CALGARY — Tuesday’s trade between the Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats has been voided, the teams announced on Thursday.

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Well you don’t see that every day. Will he be playing for the Cats anytime soon? Were the Cats trying to unload damaged goods? Questions, questions.

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Well that certainly explains why he went for a 6th-rounder.

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OK, I’ll ask the question, was he damaged goods as a FA and Hamilton didn’t catch it?

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Hamilton back to the grey cup lol


I looked at Davis stats and then his depth chart positions
His performance wasn’t all that impressive. Certainly not what I expected knowing his performance in Calgary was. Best he got in any game was 2 tackles. No sacks all season (6 games) which was unlike Davis
But figured maybe he didn’t get a good fit in Hamilton.
Then I decided to check into further
On jul 8 he was demoted to 2nd string at DE - 2 tackles
The Jul 13 against Edm he remained 2nd string - 2 tackles
Then Jul 21 against Argos he didn’t play being on 1 game injury list
Jul 25 a trade was made with the Ticats
Jul 27 Davis couldn’t pass a medical - so the trade was voided
Good thing Dickenson made it conditional on passing a medical
Sorry that Davis isn’t playing for the Stamps.
Hope the medical condition is treatable

“Our opinion was torn meniscus, I don’t want to say too much more on his medical stuff,” Stamps GM/head coach Dave Dickenson said. “It was surprising, but obviously we just go with the word our doctors said, we put the language in the trade to do that. Still bummed, I saw Ja’Gared, I like Ja’Gared. He’s not one of my players so I’m probably not supposed to talk about him, but he’s one of those guys I’ve always enjoyed being around.

“Just a lot of wasted time and effort.”

Ja'Gared Davis trade voided, Adeyemi-Berglund up next for Stampeders | Calgary Sun?