Trade secrets- Peter Dyakowski

These are two of many comments Peter Dyakowski uses to rile up his opponents during play XD

"You evidently have highly deficient standards of personal hygene. Then he might think, I must smell bad for him to have noticed that. Do other people notice this?"

"You mother must be very ugly, and probably holds herself to a very low moral standard. This comment would get an opponent very angry."

Classic Peter Dyakowski :lol:

that is funny

Believe me, most offensive and defensive lineman could care less if they stink to high heaven on the football field.
Years ago, it was reported that the complete offensive line of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers would refuse to take a shower for several days before a game because it put them in a lousier mood for game time.
Offensive indeed!

Lol, Dyakowski's a joking kind of guy, if he really wanted to insult someone he obviously wouldn't use that material. Dyakowski's a very nice and funny guy off the field but a mean SOB on the field.

Very entertaining and informative. Well done, Bigfoot.