trade scenario?

ON the basis that Printers is now with us, consider this trade option. Geroy Simon and Buono are supposedly not getting along and Geroy is not the “go to” guy in light of all the receiver talent there. Geroy and Printers are supposedly tight. BC needs a QB for depth. Armstead I believe, is only signed to the end of the year and leave on his own. We could use a “go to” receiver, and given our return schemes, Montreal’s old John Couture would get the same yards now here as he did with the Als when there was no blocking.

SO: trade Maas and Armstead for Simon.

We get a clutch go to receiver to work with Casey.

BC uses Armstead to replace Simon at receiver and Maas gives them the QB depth they need.

Not sure of the contracts so either added players or eating some money may may it work.

Could be a win/win for both sides

Yes to that trade.

Geroy is just what we need .

I think we need some DB's, the receivers are a work in progress, Bauman and Ralph have great potential.
Armstead is not only a great receiver but a good kick/punt returner. Simon has a big contract and is a receiver only. Re-sign Armstead at the end of the season.

trade some of thoe d-lineman for geroy and move to a 34 defense, BC needs some import lineman, i would even send them mckay back as long we could use a 34 defence and get geroy.

nobody will trade for Maas!!!!!!

DB's ...good point.

Ed would love to get Mr Maas back they havent been the same since he left. Back home with his family.

If I understand Geroy correctly, he will seriously look the Cats way as an FA. Keep Armstead and add Simon...are you kidding me? LMAO

It can be done and it should be done. The SMS structure can allow for three or four mega-signings, easily. It is a perspective on what kind of recruitment slant to put on the roster -- loading up on offense t'aint a sin in you win. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I think you must be smoking crack if you think any team wants to take Maas with the #1 QB salary he makes. When a player is traded the new team has to take on his current contract untill they can at least negotiate a new one. Maas' contract is guaranteed anyway.

The Armstead idea is even worse than the Maas idea.

Hey Zen..check out the thread:"Montreal just not laughing" the reporter states that there are 3 teams interested in Maas..
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Simon is getting old and he is lost out there. Look at his numbers.

Wait I am shure he'll be Cut now or Seasons end.

maas wil be back in edmonton as far as printers great but we have issues with the o/c and offence in general.

Hmm. what about Maas for T. Gaylor or O. Morgan. The Cats get help at either receiver or db and the
Eskies reunite Ray and Maas.

I think we should trade maas for some O line Players! Make it so that Printers does dont need to run and or throw on the run every play! Make some more holes for jess and keep the D line on there heals in fear of KC tuck and runing!

the eskimos can afford maas’ contract, because they have many players on injured reserve who dont count against the cap, plus maas is only gonna get paid for half of the contract right now anyways. An edmonton trade is legit, because he knows the system and lives in the area, as long as the cats can get a young WR/DB package, a trade will workout.

i think it may come down to us having to simply cut maas and edm signing him on at a lower price.
it'll be interesting to see how chang's camp react to this and if they want to stick around.
edm won't trade any starters for maas and their oline has nothing on ours. we have a lot of young good olinemen. we need structure and too bad we don't have burrato reunited with casey like in bc. or next year do we...??

How about we trade Maas for a bag of chips and a case of beer? Atleast we would have something to celebrate this years Grey Cup win in TORONTO!!!!!Oski Wee wee!

(thesound) I think we should trade maas for some O line Players! Make it so that Printers does dont need to run and or throw on the run every play! Make some more holes for jess and keep the D line on there heals in fear of KC tuck and runing!
Offensive linemen are our greatest problem and we desperately need to update these guys. Anyone who has sat out the season, like George Hudson and Pascal Cheron, may also be expendable and up for trade since there are no guarantees that whatever ails them won't return. We can no longer wait for these guys since we now have a huge investment to protect in Casey Printers.

Good post TS. Obviously, I am agreeing with you. If we don't get some good protection for Printers, (assuming we get him, and I think we will) he could end up as one of the long term injured and Mr. Young will have wasted about $1.2 Million.

yup, like i said! Get some VEt O line! Im not saying the O line we got now is BAD! they jsut get burned dew to there rookie mistakes! do you think we could even get a Vet O linemen for Maas!?