Trade Rumour? Or It May Be True?

Rumours are swirling around Bomberland once again, not sure if it's a rumour or real but this source is usually reliable, but apparently the Bombers are trying to package some players and trade them to Edmonton, apparently the Bombers are ver interested in one or more of the following player's:

Fred Stamps (SB)
Efron Hill (WR)
Maurice Lloyd (LB)
Javier Glatt (LB)
Tristan Jackson (KR) and what position does he play on defense?

Could be just a rumour (that i never started, just overheard) or could be true. If this has any reality to it i would love to see Stamps and Glatt in a Bomber uniform, Jackson is very interesting as well, great returner and that would keep Jovon healthy to play his CB position. Well we will see what happens, if nothing than i am fine with that!!

Stamps is Edmonton's #1 receiver. He is not being traded.

Glatt was just signed as a FA. If the Bombers wanted him, why didn't they just sign him?

Do you want to take on Lloyd's big contract after he underperformed last year?

You may have a shot at Hill and Jackson, though. Jackson at KR would free up Johnson to stay fresh at corner.

Hopefully Mack isn't stupid enough to trade your first round pick in any deal.

I agree with on in two. Stamps ain't going anywhere, especially since we already traded Mann. I could potentially see Jackson going since I think we still have that Skyler Green or whatever his name on our roster. I'd hate to see him go though... and if we did trade him, I'd want something good in return.

But I haven't heard anything...

Glatt and Lloyd are both MLB's, so neither make any sense given Lohbendahn's presence. Lloyd and Lohbendahn together will just guarantee a repeat of last year's Simpson debacle. Why you'd want yet another MLB in Glatt on top of all that defies logic completely.

Unless Lobendahn is traded away, but that makes no sense as Lloyd is Richie's guy.

The returner (Jackson)- maybe, although I'm struggling to figure out what pressing need Edmonton could fill from Winnipeg's roster to make this make sense for them.

I can’t see the Bombers making a play for any of those guys.

I could swear I heard that the Esks and Mo had agreed on a new contract for less money and it was a done deal right after the season.

Probably just rumor. I can't imagine any interest in Glatt, could find someone cheaper to back up JoLo. I certainly would not be interested in seeing Glatt in a blue and gold uniform. If the bombers are as interested in Buck Pierce as reports suggest and they are looking to pay near the $300K he is hoping for, I can't imagine they would be looking to add significant salary, so that would rule out Stamps and Lloyd. Hill, maybe. Jackson, maybe as a KR and backup corner, but again, I wonder about his salary and whether using Johnson back in that role or maybe finding a cheaper alternative in camp would be better.

well glatt was released by the lions and if we wanted him we could have signed him them so thats not happening..

jackson? i doubt it.. looks like we have a few guys on the roster already who are being brought in to help out jovon and if titus ryan is back, well ya unlikely.

stamps? id love to have em here but again unlikely.

hill? dont know alot about em but id suspect that again unlikely.

mo lloyd? isnt he richie halls boy? ya dont see that happening to be honest. dont see us actually picking up his im sure well over 100 k a year contract.