Trade Rumors

Read an article today stating that several Rider players MAY be on the trade block..Keith was one, reason behind this as stated in the paper is.. Keith and a few other players are a bad influence on Greene..... LMAO! IF thats the case when and if they are traded we are going to the CUP :roll:

Keith always been a lose cannon, extremely talented yes but needs to grow up.
My Idea would be to trade Keith & Greene to Montreal for Cavillo, Montreal needs a running back and the Don has always stated he likes Nealon, and when we get Cavillo we are going to the CUP :wink:

Fat chance of that happening, but one can only dream. :slight_smile:

I think if they realy did want to trade Keith it would be because of the play of Cory Holmes.

Not that it would happen anyways, but I think that Calvillo has a no trade cause.
Not only that but who would take both of them if Keith is a "bad influence on Greene

Beside himself, the Don likes only one person in this world, and that is Calvillo. He would trade the whole team off before he'd let Calvillo go.

But I read this morning in the papers that Santino Hall was on the waivers. The Als should really go after him. He would be a great upgrade in our clueless DB squad (Karikari aside).

If Saskatchewan wants to trade, how about Paul Godfrey and his strait jacket to Sask. for a bag of wet Gopher crap? Or am I asking too much in return?

I may not be the only one noticeing this but when Keith was injured, we were winning and winning well with Holmes. With Keith back we have been losing. I think we should trade Keith and get Holmes the ball 20 times a game. Not including kick returns.

I’ve always preferred Holmes to Keith. Of course, it doesn’t help that Greene gives Keith the exact same play most of the time - up the middle and hope no one remembers that we do this. Greene varies the plays for Holmes more, which makes me think he’s more versatile. Keep Holmes - Trade Keith or not. Either way, I’m not too concerned.

How old are Holmes and Keith? (I can't log to Riderville)

Holmes was born in 1976, Keith was born in 1980.

Maybe Kenton Keith for Maas.

I'd take that trade. . .

yes load up an already loaded EE offense.......NOT

Wow, now you’re really grasping at straws.

I also noticed that when the Riders won I was at work, when I stayed home from work, or they played on the weekend, they lost. See the correlation?

Keith and Holmes for Calvillo?

So what does Montreal get in the trade? Greene is basically untradeable, Keith is good, but not good enough to be traded for one of the leagues most consistent QB's.

Plus Calvillo would shit his pants knowing he was leaving a winning organization to go to a loosing one! His ego is too big to play for the Riders.

Montreal isn't winning much so far this year... they are under .500 so at the moment i don't think that they can be considered a winning organization.... but aside from that... there is no way they'd trade away Calvillo for Keith and Greene

Ya sorry Dominguez88 I dont get the Keith statement either, like I said, the guys the most explosive back in the league, but not without baggage.

And EE why do you think Cavillo is Arrogant? Confident maybe..... have you noticed something I havent?.

The Vancouver newspapers carried the article abount Kenton Keith and Santinio Hall being offered as trade bait.

Hmmm, Maybe there is some substance to Westwood heading to Regina.

I guess people are tired of calling Mathiews arragont so now they are calling Callivo arrogant. I guess that happen when you are a winner

I even remember someone calling Cahoon that one time. :shock:

People calling Matthews doubt in my mind the accuracy of that one. Calvillo arrogant....maybe, but I'd need to see a lot more evidence of that. But Cahoon arrogant? That's so off base it's not even within imagination's grasp. Yikes!!!