Trade rumor involving Calgary - Montreal - BC

It is rumored to be the biggest trade deal in years.

Calgary get Buck Pierce and Scott Flory

Montreal gets Geroy Simon and the Jimenez.

BC gets crybaby Burris and Ben Cahoon.

whining wally was asked about the rumor....his response was could you imagine have two of most punishing inside recievers in the league. We won't be stopped. We gave up allot in Simon and Pierce but we felt that Buck is similar to glassjaw and can't last a season. crybaby will do good on our team

Popp was unavailable for comment after trading away fan favourite Cahoon.

Hufie is quoted as saying...we just upgraded on our offensive line and eliminated a pending quarterback controversy.....should be good this year.

if this is true, Calgary got ripped! how is BC going to afford to pay burris's salary along with Jackson's, and what is your source?

hes kidding...

ticats....they paid for glassjaws last year, he made way more then burris is this year....getting rid of pierce offsets any increase jj got.

But yes it is joke...

don't get the joke, am i missing some information..........

Geez I always post about stadiums and expansion. In fact I want a team here in London, Ontario.
In fact I emailed our local paper, the Free Press, to ask them why they don't start a campaign to get a CFL team for London? Or even look at the chances.
They never even responded to my email.
I even emailed the mayor about why they aren't trying to get a CFL franchise for the city, considering how successful the Knights have become, but she didn't respond either.
I have no team to cheer for. I cheer for the league. Thus my observations are about what affect the league. And in this area, dominated by the Taranna media, the CFL plays second fiddles to these who cares "major Norht American sports".
Steve Simmons of the Sun even wrote me saying how they will alwasy give the mythical "four major north American sports" the priority.
This is what the CFL is up against.
They play second fiddle to sports based in a foreign country.

maybe thats the key notes, of seeing the joke, that ur not seeing.

:lol: :lol: Good one Mike!

What the heck what has this to do with this great trade rumor?

Absolutely nothing.

I'm just imagining Wally and Henry in BC together... there would be a run on cheese in Vancouver with all that whine... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I didn't know today was April 1? :lol:

Well done Mike! I see you graduated from the Turkeybend school of creative writting! :wink:

Does it seem ironic to anyone else that any Rider fans would refer to Burris or anyone else as a crybaby?

Well, derex, watch any Stampeder game this year, and watch what Burris does after almost every Stampeder offensive play. He is always yapping at the refs about something.. if that doesnt make you a crybaby, what does? might have forgotten we watched Burris pull the same stunts as a rider. Everytime he is knocked down, he gets up and yaps. If there is a hit to his mid section and he goes down, he gets up and adjusts his helmet in view of the Ref....implying he got hit to the head....

... :roll: ...I'm not evena huge HB fan but that one is just plain silly...ever been tackled Mike? I have, that helmet isn't glued to your head, it tends to move around a fair bit...

...I dont' know about it being ironic, but there cetainly are some crybabys from Saskatchewan that here now years later can't seem to get over his departure...they cry and cry about hank, like babies...

R&W there is a big difference between adjusting your helmet, and going directly into the view of the Ref and adjusting your helmet like you got hit to the head. But then again coming from blah blah blah I guess we should expect more.

And yes I played football.

...sorry Mike, I don't have all 714 plays that HB performed last year on tape like you must have to verify that he did this on every play, in front of every ref within earshot...I'll have to take you word on it...