Trade - Richards for Picton

We swung a deal today. I have been pretty vocal about our lack of Cdn talent and our lack of picks in 2016 draft (we traded away 2nd and 3rd round picks).

Picton was selected by stamps in 2015 5th round. Stamps are pretty astute pickers. Last yr draft was deep in Cdn OL so we might have a bit of a project here. But after Watman and Vonk we got nothing to groom so this adds to our holster of National O-line.

We gave up Richards who became famous for his clothesline hit on Tim Brown. Got himself ejected. Week #2 he managed to get a few more penalties and that opened the door for #54 Hardrick to take his roster spot. Hardrick has looked okay and will likely move aside for Levy Adcock to rejoin the all things equal we have import experienced depth with Hardrick for 2016 and Richards was baggage so we picked up a National OL who is currently developing in the CIS with the Rams.

So watch Picton as he plays his last 3-4 CIS games and share your views. Hopefully he gets named a western all star but that might be tough when his team is 0-4 and won't play post season?

So..........looks like an okay deal in my books. I think Richards was buried behind Levy and Hardricks..........we pick up a National to develop in 2016-2017. Maybe he becomes a player?

I am not much of a twitter follower..........but it seems as though Steven Miller got released. Nothing official and this was a tweet???? Maybe it's not even true.

Vanstone said that they released him and the roster no longer lists him. Not a loss, he wasn't anything special in any regard.

All good moves IMO. Richards has some pretty high end potential IMO...but his head has been an issue a few times

Yes...Miller was released, and LaQuan Williams brought in (was in camp)

National Norzil was also released.

hmm If the Stamps wanted Richards then there must be something we missed. Huff is not stupid and wouldn't trade for him otherwise. Yes he took a couple of dumb penalties but so what. So has Best, Labatte.Clark. While not of the same nature as Richards majors they still took points off the board in one game or another.

He is a big body and I think perhaps not quite use to the speed defenders come in the CFL but Huff obviously feels there is good potential there or he wouldn't even consider the deal.

Good to get a potential NL lineman for the future but when dealing with the Stamps you have to think you got stroked.

Huff is not Wall eye who has made some questionable moves in the last few years so I doubt if we got the better of this one.

The Riders are a team in desperate need to bolster NI depth (which makes releasing Norzil a bit odd)...this was essentially trading an International for a draft International who is in competition with Fulton (he is not beating him out), Adcock (who he is not being displaced and comes off the 6 on Friday and is ready), and Hardrick (who has been better every game). I think Richards has some good upside...but he was not going to be starting anyways and they have a more than serviceable guy in Hardrick...combine that with some of the penalties...this is a nice win and looks good for O'day

Upfront the trade looks good to me, but I know nothing of Picton.. and as depop said , Richards had a couple of shots but was in deep behind depth.

#7) Aaron Picton – 6’2, 284 Ibs - Regina – OL

Scouts take: “Picton’s pretty interesting. He was playing right tackle last season for Regina and he jumped out as a kid that has some athleticism and moves well. He’s on the upswing for sure. I think he’ll start to fill out a little bit. Another year added I think he should be that much more prepared for the CFL. He’s played a lot. He was the best offensive lineman on the West team and projects as a guard in the CFL.?

full link here : -->

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he is also a competent C