Trade redux: Bruce for Moreno

I'm the first to admit that the Moreno trade was a major screw-up, but it turns out that Obie did acquire something of value...the rights to Corey Mace. This analysis is helped by the fact that Moreno ended up in Toronto, but bear with me. The point is that many people, me included, thought that Mace's value would be as a roster player, but lo and behold, Obie pulls a rabbit out of a hat and parlays the screwed-up Moreno trade into a theft of Arland Bruce. In Obie I trust.


Yes and he had his crystal ball out to know it was going to happen. :roll: If it weren't for Bruce and his issues with the blue team, that trade would have still been the lame duck it was to start with. I'm happy with this trade, but it doesn't change the fact that we LOST THE MORENO TRADE. That is all. :smiley:

You win some, you lose some.

Trading Moreno, was a loss.

Trading for Bruce, was a win.

Couldn't agree more.

True enough about the crystal ball and I agree, the Moreno trade was a total screw-up (I think I said that? :? ). But the point is that Obie is quite capable of winning trades, using his assets wisely and being opportunistic. A year later we have Bruce and linebackers that are as good or better than Zeke. He's clearly come out on top on this one.


Am I the only person who has noticed the past year that Moreno really isn't that great of a linebacker? Good? Yes. Intense? Definitely. But as I've noticed, he's really only good between the tackles. He has trouble running to the outside. He's been pretty much a non-factor in T.O. so far this year. They can have him.

I'll take Floyd, Knowlton, Johnson and Haley any day over Moreno.

And I agree, this is basically a three-team trade (that took a few months to complete but still)

Riall Johnson to WPG
Moreno/Mace to TOR
Bruce to HAM

I'll take it :thup:

I think Obie may have noticed this too. :wink:

Funny how the "Six Degrees of Separation to Kevin Eakin" game works, eh? The other shoe dropping in these "rights to" and "conditional pick" deals can always turn into a delayed winner. Time will tell how this one rates. On paper at this moment, we got the best player, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yep, Zeke looked great in his first year here, but in is second year I thought he looked noticeably out of shape (his belly wasn't as prominent as mine, but it was there - that's going to inhibit your ability to do much outside the tackles). And maybe he wasn't as great as I thought even when he was in shape.

Floyd, Knowlton, Johnson and Haley are definite upgrades in our linebackers over the last 2 years. I can't believe Johnson was available, he's been great.


Lets be fair here. You would rather have Floyd and Haley any day over Moreno?
Moreno has a very good chance of being an Eastern All Star this year....again.

Also when evaluating the 3 team trade do not forget that we also obtained Winnipeg's first round pick this past draft picking up
Darcy Brown
And Ryan Hinds with the BC trade at the draft.
We also give up at least one 3rd round pick.

AC: So what's with the corn, anyway? Is that some kind of tribute to our newest RB, or are you a supporter of biofuels?

Tribute to Cobb!

I dont care that we traded Moreno, but yes we lost that trade. However, I could care less about Moreno now and just know that if we kept Moreno, I doubt we would not have Jamall Johnson right now. One of the reason he came here was because of Otis Floyd.

I havent seen Moreno play like he did in that first year with Armour beside him since. He has help in TO with Eiben and Shells.

But if you ask me who is more valuable in a straight player for player trade - Arland Bruce vs Zeke Moreno....I would take Bruce before you could finish the question!

Ugly "cobs" of corn are a tribute??


You know you could probably find a picture of him somewhere as a tribute since he doesn't spell his name with two B's.

Blackandgld astutely points out that Darcy Brown and Ryan Hinds and Bruce become part of the Moreno trade. Brown could be our starting tight end/fullback and Hinds may become the Davis Sanchez of the Cat secondary. A Canadian cornerback really adds depth and ratio variability. The good news in all of this is we didn't give up anybody on the current roster. The bad news is Bruce is a head case but Angelo Mosca was let go by the Cats for team reasons. We all know how Angelo got his act together after stints in Ottawa and Montreal. Who knows, maybe Bruce was destined to be a TiCat . I just hope he plays as well against the blue team as he has against the Cats.
A last thought in all of this is Obie isn't a dumb guy. Perhaps a playoff spot is on the horizon. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) really thinke Zeke will be Eastern conference all-star at middle linebacker? Simpson is a lock unless he get's hurt again. Zeke has shown very little in his first four games with the Argo's. This year, last year, any year, I'd trade Moreno for Bruce every time. It's an absolute steal.

Knowlton is great on the outside. But why compare him to Zeke in the middle? Johnson looks good so far as well. I'm very impressed with him. In the middle, Floyd is good but I wouldn't say he's an upgrade over Zeke. Comparing Haley to Zeke is just stupid.

So, I would've still liked to have Zeke in the middle but the linebackers are solid. With these linebackers, if we HAD to trade Moreno for Bruce, I'd take it at this point because we'd still be in a good position.

Notabengal...I agree that to compare Zeke to Haley is stupid. Very different players. Haley is much faster, better in pass coverage, and has a ton of upside. Based on on the field performance this year, I wouldn't trade Haley straight up for Moreno. Zeke needs to loose a lot of weight, or he won't be in the league much longer.