Trade: RedBlacks acquire Maurice Price

OTTAWA -- The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League are hoping success comes with a Price after acquiring international wide receiver Maurice Price in a trade with the Calgary Stampeders.

In exchange, the Stampeders receive international linebacker Jasper Simmons and international receiver Dan Buckner.

“We see this move as a major step forward in the improvement of our football club,? said Marcel Desjardins, general manager of the REDBLACKS. “We appreciate everything that Jasper and Dan contributed to our team.?

Price, a 29-year-old native of Orlando, is a three-year veteran of the Stampeders. Last year, the 6-foot-1, 205-pounder out of Charleston Southern had 34 catches for 544 yards and two touchdowns, including a 102-yard major in the season opener for the eventual Grey Cup champs against the Alouettes at McMahon Stadium.

“Mo is an explosive player who has exceptional speed and outstanding playmaking abilities,? said REDBLACKS head coach Rick Campbell. “He’s a CFL veteran who knows the league, knows the game and has a big up-side. He has the ability to come in here and make big contributions right away.?

Got to give something to get something, but I admit that I liked Jasper Simmons. Ah well.

Just saw the news. Great to see Ottawa getting some MUCH needed reliable pair of hands!!:wink:

But … like you said, I kinda liked Simmons and the way he played for us. :cry:

… then again we did have a few others on defence who could step in but no one on offence to step in to catch the ball :roll:

Good move. Could see Barker trying to move Emry to Ottawa for his first rounder. Pray Desjardins doesn't pawn off his draft picks...

I am fine with the trade ( lets hope he stay healthy) but it sucks that Calgary's replacement for Price is Eric Rogers, who Ottawa had but didn't give him a chance even with our poor receiving core.

Rogers put two decent games together on a GC winning team...

I know the RB were awful thin at the WR position, but I am not sure Price can help long term at 29.


It was better than "decent", not just numbers but the way he caught the balls that showed the potential to make Mo expendable. Having said that, every team has lots of stories of would of, should of successes and failures, so I don't hold Desjardins culpable in letting Rogers get away

REDBLACKS got a very good receiver back with Price and they seem to have the cap space to spend which Calgary saved as well and can use for some needed bumps to keep some other vets happy and staying put. Price when healthy can be outstanding and can only help upgrade what seemed to be one of Ottawa's biggest needs.
Good trade for both teams, edge to Stamps if Buckner turns into anything.

I'd be less worried about his age then his injury history. If he can stay healthy he will give them a couple of years at a high level and time to find younger guys. He's a proven receiver which REDBLACKS need right now.

No argument about "potential". Obviously Desjardins recognized it since he signed him. Evaluation and roster came down to the coaching staff...

He's the same age as Dressler, Green and 3 years younger than Chad Owens.

I agree that Simmons played well, but you have Pruneau and Munoz to man the outside LB spots so I think it is worthwhile to move Simmons to upgrade what was Ottawa's weak link last season, the receiving CORPS.

I wan't sure about Munoz playing there because Ottawa had him in the middle on their depth chart. doesn't mean he CAN'T play weak side, but I didn't know if he did.

If so, I feel better about the trade. Munoz has posted very similar numbers in the past.

I wan't sure about Munoz playing there because Ottawa had him in the middle on their depth chart. doesn't mean he CAN'T play weak side, but I didn't know if he did.

Desjardins must have an idea about who will take the spot. We are just getting into the off season. This allows Desjardins to go into free agency with more flexibility and credibility IMO. Also if Price does not play to his salary, they will renegotiate his deal just like they did with Burris.

I think the move is correct... ish. Yeah, we were weak on receivers and Price is really a good sign ( we need some more big names in the team), but if Burris does not have time to throw, even the best receiver will have a hard time. OL is THE weakest link in my humble opinion.

This is just starting, we'll see the whole picture in the coming months.

Appreciate that last line. I've seen comments online from people losing their stuff over the acquisition because "Burisss stillneedz time to thro! LOL!!!!1". It's January, people...

I really like the chances of bringing in Tyler Holmes, especially with his old OLine coach joining Ottawa (assuming they get along :wink: ). And IF they draft offensive line first overall and IF that lineman is available to come to Ottawa's camp and IF he's able to play right away, well, that should go a long way.

While the Offensive line can still improve. Burris most times had plenty of time to throw and a QB of his price should be able to move the pocket and buy some time. Dropped balls ruined Ottawa's season IMO.

With SJ Green re-signing in MTL makes this trade look better :thup:

Thought he would test the market but i was wrong :frowning:

You and a great many others. It was certainly sounding that way for a while there.

Ah well. It's not like I had my jersey made yet or anything.

Man, Feb. 10th seems like ages away...

And now Dressler is no longer an option (if he ever really was). Man alive.