Trade proposal!

Could TSN not trade Rod Black for Davis Sanchez?
I see a great "good cop / bad cop" scenario being established with Sanchez and Duane Ford.
If Sanchez remains on the panel, can anybody envision the fireworks that could erupt between Sanchez and Stegall or Dunnigan..... Whewee!!!
I would still axe Rod Black, still announcing bad /wrong news .....Vernon Adams released etc.

I like Duane, but I think he tends to talk a bit too much, specially during the play and when the ref is announcing something.

Couple of things you'd have to explore before making the Black/Sanchez trade. Do you think that Sanchez knows that Luke Tasker is the son of Steve and can mention it, oh I don't know, maybe after every catch? And how many times can Sanchez say "Johnny Manziel" in a row, for no apparent reason? :smiley:

I don’t know if Sanchez could say JM’s name as many times as Black did last week

Did the whole team travel to Montreal on one motorcycle? I watched the CHCH 6 o'clock news. The only player I saw or heard talked about was this fellow named Manziel. I even saw a video of his wife and family pets watching game back in Hamilton.