trade Printers & Lumsden to Argos?

Printers and Lumsden to the Argos for kerry Joesph and two defensive players. Any thoughts?

Don't like it.

If you are trading the two of them, trade them separately, and trade them to non-divisional opponents.

Getting something back from the Argo's is even worse, as their trades are apt to be overaged American players, where we want "key men" who are non-imports.

I'm no GM and could be wrong in my thoughts (I've been wrong before!) so lets get some more responses...

Honestly can we stop talking about trading Printer and/or Lumsden....its getting lame!

Why would we let Printers go. Casey is an excellent QB; what is it going to take for some of you to recognize the qb's is not the problem. Can't you see that NO QB I don't give a damn who they are are how much money they make, but as you saw tonight no one can begin to be an effective qb, when you are being chased and sacked 10 freakin times a game. when a qb is fortunate enoguh to get a chance to throw the ball our receivers drop them, don't get open or will allow someone to take it from them. We have no offensvive line, but you still want to trade Printers. :lol: