Trade Preposal...

Since Calgary has Jeremaine Copeland at the #4 receiver and we DESPARATLY need that "Go To Guy" at receiver do you think we could make Calgary a trade offer? and if so who do you think we should give them in return?

They would probably demand the Cats most valuable asset.

The team doctor who keeps his mouth shut.

before we get a To Go to Guy we need a line that can block longer to get the QB to find him..

Whoever that may be

I was watching the highlights of last night and it looked to me like they were trying to force the ball to the covered recievers. Maas almost got Jo Jo Walker Killed when he threw that lame pass to the outside. Chang is clearly the better quarterback with the o-line we have and if we had Jeremaine Copeland he would definatly strech the defence and open up the underneath pass for the other recievers to get the quick 5 yard pass.

give them lumsden before they all figure out how overrated he is


Lumsden is not over-rated he is by far our best player and if we had anything close to a decent o-line Lumsden would lead the league in rushing yards.

im on that same page...that dude is a BEAST when he runs...

and damn maas for that pass....i didnt like that at all

send Brock Ralph and Jason Maas out west so they can be closer to their family members

obviously they are not focused here in Ontario

your Marcel, i know it

Copeland's a prima donna, he's good when things are good but would be a disaster on a slowly evolving team in full rebuild mode. Talent is important but character is also required as this team slowly battles back to respectability.

rebuilding? is that what you call it?

I'm thinking we could trade Jason Maas, Brock Ralph, and a 2008 1st round pick for maybe Terrence Edwards or if we wanted more run support Barrin Simpson

Sounds like Breedlove, Yeast, and Vaughn et al.

How about Jason Maas, Brock Ralph, and a 2008 1st round pick to Edmonton for Stanford Samuels and Pat Woodcock?