trade one of our wr to winnipeg

who would it be ?
who would we want ?
they need a canadian maybe ?
how about mike m and take gardner off the practice roster an put him on the real roster

Gardner isnt on the PR…

How about Craig Yeast for Milt Stegall.

Yeast for a DB

Bombers don't need receivers they need a QB.

Let's offer Eakin while his stock is still high and has the whole CFL at his feet :roll:

Eakin and Yeast for some DB. i dont know much about the bombers DB situation, but lets test the waters for an eakin/yeast trade

that has to be the stupidest post ive ever see so i hope ya jokin man. Why would we trade our future Qb who is amazing and could be our starter right now if we wanted him to be, and our second best reciver who i dont care if you like him or not is amazing for a db. We dont even need another db ours are fine. Cody, Bradley, Justin and Goss that sounds pretty good to me.

According to Wpg Sun, they do need a receiver and by the sounds of it, in a hurry. Why on God's green earth would you want to trade Eakin? Package Yeast and Barrenchea and see how that works!


Yeast and Barranechea might get a better return out of Saskatchewan.

They have NO MLB, and as far as receivers go, after Armstead and Dominguez they've got NOTHING. (French and Corey Grant... )

I'd still rather wait and give it time.

why does everyone keep putting yeast in these trade deals? he isnt goin anywhere. but if you want to trade barranechea he can go because he shouldnt even be starting we have brooks

Trade Eakin?Thats nuts!Yeast thats a different story!Eakin is the future and yeast is just hopeless!Enough said!

as far as db’s sask davin bush is the only guy id consider. at the start of the year i would have said eddie davis but i think he’s lost a step and looked horrible vs bc. after that not much to pick.

yup arent ya proud your only like the 100th pereson to say that today. where is this comming from there were playerd that played 20 times worse the other day

Why not trade Cavil? hes a decent WR and he can still get the job done. Hes not in high demand here in Hamilton but hes can still get the job done. Package him and Brooks and lets see what we can get. Check around with Lumsden's rights and we'll see who will take the plunge on that as well.

We barely gave up anything to get Cavil so how much do you think we would get for him?

why would we trad brooks he looks like he could be amazing with some more reps. I think he will probly start eather next week or in 2 weeks.

You think Auggie will be benched or reduced to special teams?

Would take alot but im all for that.

Bobby should be starting.

Whoa back!

Granted I was not impressed with Saturdays game but I think it's a tad early to be looking at trades or picking up others cuts.

I believe we have the talent to win. We just need Frank Kush to beat it into some players heads.