Trade: Moreno for Tom Canada

with barrin and now loebndah both out bombers need a mlb bigtime, id take gavin walls over canada myself.
i don't get why we are trying to deal zeke, something's gotta be going on.

Don't like it, on a purely emotional level.

Moreno is a solid guy and great talent. Canada is among the league's biggest jerks - talented but dirty.

But we have a piss-poor DLine, our entire defence is struggling as a result, and you don't get quality without trading quality.

The fans howl for change - they get change. Now let the chips fall where they may.

CHML just reported it...

CHML just reported this deal done, however, Canada is refusing to report.

Unless Zeke demanded a trade or is going to the NFL next year then this deal makes absolutely no sense.

If true then might as well deal Setta and Bauman next.

awful trade!

i no we need help on the D-line but i am not liking this....and especially since Canada is pissed off.

who replaces moreno now? Matechuk?

Tom Canada this year has been awful..Runs like a baby with a diaper full of crap. Awful trade...

canada has had a supbpar season this season.
yes.zeke was having it tough it an organized defence that lacked scheme and pressure.
we need to keep him and build a defence around a decent mlb. hate this trade big time.

A team desperate for an MLB and all we can get is a disgruntled, underachiever who's not sure he wants to even report.... as I stated already. I'm stunned, and not in a good way.

I don't like it either. I would have thought the O-line was was more in need of attention than Zeke.

And now WPG has supposedly signed Kai Ellis to replace Canada.

I don't know why it's so shocking, Zeke is overrated, we need a pass rush a lot more than a middle linebacker who misses a lot of tackles and is too slow for pass coverage^^^

Cripes. If Canada refuses to report, we just gave away Moreno for nothing...

zeke is the leader of our defence regardless of how they've played.
i guess who mariuz goes to mlb.
canada doesn't even want to report. another chapter is this 4 year nightmare.

I'm in total shock! Zeke leads the CFL (again) in tackles with 53.

There must be some reason other than his playing ability. He was labelled as a team leader last season, but has not had much to say this year.

As much as I like Zeke Moreno, and I really, really do, we need Tom Canada more.

and winnipeg just signed kai ellis for d end.

so as it looks they get moreno and ellis and we get

a whole lot of Canada?

Moreno demanded a trade/ wanted out? Obie has eyeballed an NFL MLB cut?
There has to be more to it.
Or has Desjardins been rehired?

Winnipeg wins this hands down, they get Ellis that can play DE or MLB, Special teams and very fit and get Moreno with a fresh contract.

Hamilton gets an out of shape, slow as melasses overpaid guy and now needs to fill another hole....

You have got to be kidding me.

This could be the icing on the cake for me folks....I don't think I'll be taking advantage of that discount next year because there is no shot I'll be renewing.

Obie, have you lost your mind? Tom Canada is a bum and considering his comments where something to the effect of "I'm trying to decide if I retire now or go to Hamilton." Are you kidding me!?!? Yeah, we really want to trade out best LB for this guy.

I think I'm done. Moreno is my favourite player and even if this trade doesn't go through, why on earth would he want to be part of this organization moving forward?

Just when I thought this season couldn't possibly get any worse.....