Trade: Moreno for Tom Canada

WPG's CJOB is reporting this. If they're anything like CHML dont go nuts quite yet.

rumour making rounds on the net, stay tuned heard it here first

link? (and are they on crack?)


winnipeg sun also, it appears true

Don't like that deal.

Just got the news that Zeke Moreno has been traded for Tom Canada. Bad trade for us I think but we will see.

canada says he is no longer a bomber and unsure if wants to go to hamilton

i don't like it either, zeke heart of our defence

And I thought we didn't have a strong linebacking corps now???

Hendy scratches head.

I'd sure like to read the rationale for this one...if its true. Maybe Zeke was a problem for Creehan so now Charlie has gone.....
This one could haunt us. We need to beat Winnipeg twice to get into the playoffs.

You'll scratch it harder if Canada refuses to report!

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers shakeup continues, as Tom Canada’s days with the club are over.

The struggling fifth-year defensive end is contemplating his football future after the Bombers tried to trade him to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats this morning.

“As far as I understand, I’m no longer part of the Winnipeg Football Club,? Canada told the Sun. “Now I’m just trying to figure out whether I just hang up my cleats or go to Hamilton.?

It’s unclear what the Bombers would get in return for Canada, but it’s believed Ticats middle linebacker Zeke Moreno is part of the deal.

Canada said he had received several calls from Ticat boosters today. They are trying to convince him to come to Steeltown.

The California native has struggled through 10 games this season, registering only three sacks. Even he admits it’s been a disappointing campaign for him, especially after signing a lucrative free-agent contract in the off-season.

“You can’t be a fifth-year guy and have the kind of contract I have and put up the numbers I have and not expect something to happen,? Canada said.

Well if he refuses to report...there will be no deal.

Hopefully...only if the trade was conditional

i think we may get the rights to dt corey mace too

tsn reports canada will not report. damage is done wonder what zeke is thinking?

is Zeke still a Ticat?

Maybe it's just emotion, or shooting from the hip or whatever. But this trade is awful.

We trade our best linebacker, a position we had been looking to solidify for years and arguably the best MLB in the league, for an underachieving defensive end who's not convinced he even wants to play anymore.... This might just rival the DJ FLick/Wayne Smith for Rocky Butler deal in the scale of awfulness...

Bah... a thousand booooos to this one if it's true.

What defence?

Moreno has been pretty brutal at times, a good trade if Canada shows up.