trade Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell is hurt once again and may not be able to play on Sunday. Why don't they trade this guy while his stock is halfway decent.
They could probably get a first round pick out of the deal and build to a weak Canadian talent
Heres another idea, Edmonton's not going to play Gaylor why not trade Mitchell and Charles Thomas and see if they will bite on that. This would open up two American spots on the roster if they put a Canadian safety and another olineman.
Theres my rant

omg :o

Jackie Mitchell is probably the weakest link in what should be a solid 'rider defence. If I can figure that out I can guarantee that every other coach in the CFL has as well. If the riders cut him from the roster, I would be surprised if anyone picked him up.
What's with the negative vibes with Charles Thomas? He places LEFT TACKLE!!! They always look like bums. If Gene Makowsky started there, he'd look like a bum too. It is the quarterback's blind side. The quarterback doesn't react like he does when he can actually see the guy coming at him from the right. That's the direction most blitz's come from.
Yeah he gets holding calls once in a while but I would rather see a flag thrown than a stretcher being brought out for Kerry's broken body. He cost us too much to have him get hurt. Why break up the best O-line in the league? There are such things on a team as chemistry, friendships, loyalities, familiarity, trust in the guy beside you. Warriors always fight harder with a friend standing beside them than they would with a stranger.

Is Jackie fast enough to play DB? That was the first question in my mind when I heard that he was moving there from linebacker.

I think Jackie mitchell is a solid player. BUt he is a LB, not a Safety, despite that he may have played him at safety in college. The rider obviously made him a LB for a reason...

We traded our backup safety to the Ti-Cats in the Holmes deal. IMO, Gordon was the better safety, and so far the deal has hurt us in the fact that we had to move Mitchell there with the injury to Edwards.

hope Mitchell isn't back at DB for the calgary game...

maybe its time to trade him :expressionless: has done much, maybe he dont want to play here?

I would think that if Edwards is back, they will move Mitchell back to linebacker. It was Eddie Davis who got burned by Simon in week 1, the whole secondary looked bad in that game, so should we trade all of them too? The obvious answer is no, they rebounded nicely in the rematch.

Jackie Mitchell lives here year round... Why would he want to leave>

Maybe the guy can still play when he is healthy but if he starts 9-10 games this year without getting hurt we will be lucky. I wouldn't let his start over Stancil at linebacker anyway.

i was just sayin that if a player is always hurt, he cant help the team

Here is my problem the guy should not be playing over Stancil at linebacker and definatly not over Jones, so Danny has to be loyal to his vetern players and make a spot at safety. I think he will do fine there, alot better than what Edwards is. Good coaches know when to let go of a player.

He doesnt have much trade value.

You are right he has no trade value what so ever. The Riders would be lucky to get a 4th round draft pick for him.

As for Charles Thomas, this guy is a bum. I know more about o-line than any other position on the feild because I was a o line man. His footwork sucks, he gets completely manhandled by rush ends, he is slow and last year gave Bret Anderson from the Lions about half the sacks he got all last year. If I remeber correctly the last regular season game we played against BC Thomas gave up 3 or 4 sacks to Anderson thru the whole game. IF you watch Thomas in game situations he gets dominated more often than not. He is a bum get rid of him, give one of our canadian guys a shot at the position.