Trade: Maurice Mann for Chris Thompson

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Trading a weak spot (the secondary) for a relative strength (WR) makes 0 sense. I hope Obie has some insurance.

I might be the odd man out here, but I like this deal.Mann is awesome and will compliment Bruce nicely, not to mention Obie probably has a great plan to replace Thompson.

I agree. Chris Thompson was arguably the best DB we had. Hopefully OB has something up his sleeve. I still have faith in his abilities as a GM I just wish I knew what he was doing....

I agree with 15_championships. This is a great deal. Obie will replace Thompson easily. Mann is a great WR, and makes us that much better....

Don't get me wrong, I think Mann is a phenomenal player. However, I don't see how Obie plans to fill 3 secondary positions (I don't think Tisdale is good enough) through free agency and scouting -- especially with Byron Parker off the market.

As far as I see it, yes Thompson was our best DB, but yes we can improve at that position for sure and Obie must feel the same.I like the idea of Bruce and Mann on the same team, takes away the sting of not getting Watkins :lol:

Great deal.
Braintrust was never entirely satisfied with the import rec. corps. which was why it was tinkered with constantly through the year. It's an instant upgrade and now wont have to wait and hope for progress like we've had to do with so many rookies.

Wow I'm stunned. Mann is a fantastic receiver. I'm very very concerned about our secondary though.

Always liked Thompson and I'm very sad to see him go.

When I read the news I was like "YES! we got Mann!" and then I said "oh, for Thompson".. Now the only reason I said oh, was because I think Thompson was playing well and our secondary was playing well as a unit. Now we have 2 holes to fill with 2 new guys and the secondary has to re-build that trust in each other all over again..

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's a bitter sweet trade reaction for me, a part of me is sad to see Thompson leave.. and the other part of me is very happy to welcome Maurice Mann to our receiving corps that instantly adds another touchdown threat to our offense.

A nice catch by Mann to get the Esk’s down field.

WICKED! C.T was good, but IMO is probbibly starting back down on his career! Obie has sumin up his sleeve! I just know it!
I could see P-Rod getting delt
Bruce Mann McD Stala …and? not sure! Could see chris getting delt as well!

Definitely a great additional to the receiving corps, but the more I think about it the more afraid I am for our secondary.

Hmmm ... a trade after free agency begins. Since Edmonton knew Parker was leaving, this trade suggests the Ticats didn't get a free agent they were expecting. Watkins or Sam? My bet is Sam. The number of re-signed players in Toronto suggests that Barker was hired just in time to save their best FAs. I don't think they're on a "spree." I think they're on damage control with respect to their own fans.

I'll miss Thompson.

I'm almost certain now that we'll land Middlebrooks.

Middlebrooks is not listed on the CFL Free agent list at the CFL site, so presumably he's signed somewhere and awaiting either CFL approval or an announcement.

Well there is still
Willie Middlebrooks
Eddie Davis * a little old but solid*
Will Poole
Jason Shivers

And the fact there is a good chance we will trade one of our starting WR's as we just got another WR.

It'll probably be P-rod since we just added a guy almost exactly like him yesterday (Amarri Jackson).Prechae will probably have decent trade appeal and if this Jackson guy's anything like him at all, it's a steal of a deal.

Good Deal by Obie, yeah he gave up a quality player, but he he got something good in return.

Doesnt look good for Prechae though. With Mann, Bruce and a healthy Stala(knock on wood)..the Cats are set at WR

Stala played right slot in 2009, so I don't know that this is bad news for Rodriguez.

Everybody seems to be forgettting McDaniel! He was a WICKED WR for us last season! I really hope we get 2 Canadian players in Kicker and a punter! Heh!