Give a good canadian QB a chance to play this
year. What have we got to lose. We have BUTLER,
and WILLIAMS to back him up. :thup:

:thup: :thup:

id like to see palmer start some reg.season games before i comment.

He is holding out ..
He been Helping the NFL Network.
Will morely be Brodcasting .. This year

Jesse Palmer, is a very smart cookie, many media cut him up for going on tv show, fact is it was a wise move , $$$, He must have seen the writing on the nfl chalkboard, NO Canadian is gonna start there. What did he do to Be Drafted in the nfl.,? How did he get to be a starter on a major ncaa team,?? Its true imo that he probably has nfl baggage to shed, But he did play Canadian football before Collage . So imo TiCats should trade, And Ticats could play playoff game in rich stadium ?

What a sense of entitlement this young dork has! Palmer was a journeyman at best in the NFL and he has proven nothing in the CFL. To demand that he be given a shot to unseed Calvilo is quite funny, since, as far as accomplishments in football are concerned, Palmer can't even shine Calvillo's shoes.

Let's face it: Palmer's much more worried about the mousse in his hair, how white his teeth are, and which cheerleader will date him next than winning a CFL championship.

Popp is smart not to take Palmer seriously because Palmer, the "sportscaster" and "actor," is not taking football seriously.

Palmer will be a starting QB in 2008. Once “daddy’s group” is approved for the purchase of Ottawaw and the dispersal draft happens Palmer WILL be the QB of Ottawa…my $'s on it.
<< on another note >>
Has anyone else even started to think (with concern)that our rebuilding efforts my be negatively impacted by another dispersal draft?
I’m concerned…and I hope you are too.


Here is the article people are referring to.

click here

By the way, there are no quotes from Jesse, just his father's.

It always fascinated me following Jesse's football career.
His dad groomed him for the pros. He put him in club football,
instead of high school, to get better competition for him.

It paid off. Jesse received prep All-America honours
from the National Recruiting Advisor in the U.S.A.,

which ranked him among the top 3 quarterbacks in North America.

He won 3 club football championships with the Myers Riders,
starting at 16 years of age in an 'under 21 league, I believe,

He passed for 2,934 yards and 31 TDs in 1996 and
he was named Canadian Player of the Year that year.

He led his team to the Provincial Championship
in 1994, 1995 and 1996.

Unfortunately, he played in Steve Spurrier's
"shuttle system" for quarterbacks at Florida

starting only 14 games during his 4-years there, and yet,
he ranks 8th on the school's career-passing record list
with 3,755 yards and 9th with 31 touchdown passes.

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Why do people bad-mouth Jesse for what his father says?

Were they doing that before he appeared on The Bachelor?

What I'm wondering is why anyone would expect Palmer to pass on a much better salary in broadcasting if he's not even going to play? I understand the competitive nature of athletes that dictate their desire to play rather than take the better money and sit and frankly that's not what's happening here. Since the possibility of starting seems to be non-existent logic takes over from love of the game. Take the money stateside Jesse unless you can get a good shot at starting somewhere.

Turbo, I agree with you. He'd make ten times as much $$ as a broadcsater in the U.S. than he would backing up Calvillo. Even as a CFL starter, he'd make much more cash in the U.S. and have a much longer career too. People's memories are short and there's always the next "best guy" who can step into the broadcast booth. That U.S. opportunity won't be there indefinitely for Palmer. I'd take the money and run.

However, I don't agree with Palmer Sr. that Popp's made up his mind already as to who his #1 will be. For sure, Calvillo is #1 on the depth chart and he deserves to be but I'm sure Palmer Jr will be given an opportunity to show what he has (if anything). Popp's job is to win games and if he sees a guy who will give him a better chance of doing that than Calvillo, he'll make the change. Calvillo will get the benefit of the doubt but only up to a point.

An Argo-Cat fan

To demand that he be given a shot to unseed Calvilo is quite funny, since, as far as accomplishments in football are concerned, Palmer can't even shine Calvillo's shoes.
Although I agree with you if you really look at it he isnt asking for anything more than a shot. He just wants a shot to start a QB through training camp.

So why can't hamilton give him that shot??
I have lost confidence in MAAS. If we are cleaning
house this year, lets go all the way.

Palmer was 4th Round Pick for Giants
They Cut him
Then a Pick up and Cut by SF.

He Sign with Montreal

He is a Bust

Canadians Can't play QB worth Beans.

Why Waist our Time..

Last Good Canadan QB Was Russ Jackson

We don't have Coaching do Make a Good QB In Canada.

He may Good Enought for the AFL but that's it

Wow what has happened from last year. The optimism of firing up the "MAASERATI" to trading him for Jesse Palmer. I mean Jesse Palmer, what has he shown?? We know that Maas has the ability to play at a high level. I will say that I wasn't to happy with the Maas trade but to even CONSIDER trading him for Palmer is absurd. If we get Palmer, it will end up just like the Pete Gonzalez problem. 1-17 anybody?

I have no idea what Palmer would bring to a CFL game and neither do most on this board. He may be OK or he may not but one thing is for sure, Maas is terrible

re-Maas is terrible---- or he was hurt (late hit vs stamps ?- Palmer will be a quality cfl qb but it will take 6 games to adjust(with good coaching)imho-

Why he's terrible doesn't matter. He is!

This particular Canadian, Jesse Palmer, got his college training
and started 14 games as QB for the University of Florida Gators,

one of the winningest teams in Division I-A since 1990,
the year their ex-QB Steve Spurrier returned to coach them.


That's where this particular Canadian
got his training, ONknight.

Do you know of any other Canadian QBs
who have even made an NCAA roster?

I would really like to know
if there are any, ONknight.

One thing is for sure, Canadian citizenship does not automatically make an athlete inferior.

Why not trade Maas for Palmer?

Prob cause Montreal dont want Maas either!