In response to that stupid thread started last week saying trade lumsden. Look at our offence last night we had none and the reason was because Lumsden was not in and we had no run threat that way pegs defence could key on printers alone and that made it for another horrible night. The last 3 games have been our worst 3 games of the season, Reason? Lumsden was not in. Never trade lumsden! sign him now! give him as much cash as we can to keep him and we will have a good offence and be able to keep our D off the field to rest.

Trade him to SAVE him!

trade him to save him? We have a good thing starting to develop and trading him would only weaken us even more, wait till next week when he is back our offence will be ten times better.

If Lumsden can stay healthy, he is one of the best in the business of CFL football.

But, can he stay healthy? He has been injured throughout his college and pro career including his tryouts in the NFL.

I worry about this aspect of Lumsden's playing career as it becomes more and more apparent that my concerns are justified, although, I certainly hope I'm wrong.

He has great speed and power for a man his size, but tends to run in an erect manner that makes his 6'3" frame very vulnerable to injury.