Trade Lumsden Now

Wtih no disrespect to his abilities as a football player, i think now is the time to trade Jesse Lumsden for a proven starting Cdn. offensive lineman. One of two things are going to happen with Jesse, he is either going to have an injury shortened career or he is going to leave on his own accord as a free agent. In either case we get nothing for him. Let's trade him now while he still has some market value for us. If you get a starting cdn. you not only improve the "O" line for Printers but you also take care of the ratio situation to start Caulley. If I thought Jesse would be staying I wouldn't do this but reality folks............another building block to respectabilty. everyone.

Who really cares. We are a development roster for the rest of the league....everyone just feasts on our club and takes all of our good players.

Thank god the NFL started this weekend.

Did I miss the firesale sign?

Oski Wee Wee,

Do you think any team would give up a proven Canadian OL for an injury prone RB?

Yeah Jesse is special, but so are proven Candian offensive lineman.

From a purley selfish POV I want to keep Jesse cuz he’s so great to watch and easy to cheer for. (Kinda like Morneo, sniff, sniff)

THAT'S what I said after leaving IWS on Saturday.

No worries....we have headcase Tom Canada to cheer for now!


May as well...But just for effect and to keep the Hamilton Tiger-Cat's are the worst run "professional" sports franchise in the world moniker in place....

Ask for nothing in return!!!!!

Sell the team,Bob....

Stox....... is that you????

Nope...just a former season ticket holder who is totally disgusted by the total incompetence by the"braintrust" of this team.

Until Mr Young sells this team,the team will not get a plug nickel from me.

I would rather trade Printers than Lumsden. I'm comfortable with Richie. Printers will not be staying with this club either, guaranteed. But i do think Lumsden could be next on the block.

yeah we've traded troy davis, eric lapointe too. why not?

But you are patronizing his website. Every hit counts you know. I think Bob is getting the last laugh.

I don’t care if Mr.Young makes money…I want him to get rid of the football team my Great Uncle Jimmy Simpson won 5 Grey Cups for be fore he runs it into the ground!

The owner is a nice guy who is an incompetent owner who puts incompetent people in positions that make a difference,in terms of decision making.

That’s fairly irrefutable up to this point,is’nt it?

And please spare me the wait and see stuff,OK?

STOX.. it IS you... welcome back... how was your long hailed vacation?????

Bob note that Epperly does not speak for all of us, I know you read this stuff. I have a question for you Epperly? who else would want this team? we should be greatful to have an owner who would stick with it this long, and I hope he keeps sticking with it.

Seriously,dude...I'm not Stox.....

Why do you think I am Stox???

Don’t worry guys its not STOX I would know, one of our arguments got him banned. LOL

If it was stox we would have to read 12 paragraphs for him to get his worthless negative points across.

Go watch your NFL guys...

For those of us that love the CFL;

1- sign Jessie long term
2- get Printers some blocking
3- never turn your back on your team. (I suppose you hated the management in 1997 and then loved them in '98 and '99)

Go Cats! You are killing me slowly but you will ALWAYS be my favourite team by a country mile.

Looking forward to the next game.

Hang in there Bob.


My worthless,negative points are short,sweet,and,to the point!

Like this one....

Team is cr@p!!!

Management is incompetent!!!

Owner is clueless!!!

I need some more nails for the coffin lid!!!

Ottawa Roughriders death spiral!!!!

I don't get it. To all you X seasons tickets holders who post threads on this site - if you don't like the heat " stay out of the kitchen " you are not welcome as far as i am concerned.