Trade: Kerry Joseph to Toronto for Players2be named Later?!

Tsn is reporting that a trade may be imminent to send Josep to the Argos...that would be interesting

won't happen....

[url=] ... 76&k=65864[/url] is reporting it too.

It was also reported that Charlie was going to coach at West Virginia and that was all rumours and bad reporting. Be careful what you read.


cfl forum is sayin the players are Bruce and Parker....
if this goes down, the argos will be last in the league.

sure, they get joseph, but the rest of the team will suck.

no miles, bruce, younger OR parker????
thats suicide.

Toronto has announced a significant press conference for tomorrow.

if this deal is true Toronto is significantly worse. they gave up the best DB and WR in the CFL for an aging QB.

Done deal.

[url=] ... ughriders/[/url]

Man if that's the deal, Riders didn't make out as well as they would have with Bruce and Parker.....

[url=] ... ughriders/[/url]

And didnt give up much.

Chang is a goner, he will either end up in Sask or Winnipeg now. They both need an "up and coming" young QB. Also Bishop is gone to one of them to. Maybe we can get a good deal on Chang for a high draft pick and draft one of the CIS QB's.

Good QBs are a dime a dozen.

Do you think TillMan has flipped his twig.

I Get Trying to get a high qulity Qb but to sign your qb to a contart exenstion in the same day. Why it will just Cause troble in the locker room.

I think Tillman has been munching on that there tumble weed.

Toronto got for almost Nothing .
So Much Fot Tillman Skill as Trader.
He only beat us year

hahaha. Apparently.

Maybe Toronto can offer them Rocky Butler for Flick and Smith?

Wonder what the Sask fans will have to say about this one.

"At least we won a Grey Cup"