Trade Jason Maas Back

We all know he has a off-season home in edmonton and is cool with ricky ray, so why not trade him back to the eskies, get a young prospect like steve jyles and have jyle battle out thei number one job at training camp with rocky butler and a few other veteran QBs. Its clear Maas aint gonna be a franchise QB, plus he whines too much, so why not get a fresh start and start the 2007 season with a clean sweep of last season's roster. I wouldnt mind a training camp battle with:

3.richie williams
4.michael bishop - if we would gain his rights from the argos
5.jared zabransky - if the nfl doesnt pan out
6. chris leak- he likely wont be drafted in the nfl, so why get a look.

why dont u give him a chance this season, since he was injured all of last season?

atleast this upcomming season, we will all know if he is toast or not....dont want to judge him too soon.

as much as i like to bash maas, i want to know FURSURE if he is done or not, and the answer will come this season.

im an optimistic guy, but lets be realistic, this is PRO sports, it aint house league, there are no room for excuses, i dont care that maas was hurt, the ticats need to start fresh and get the excess baggage outta town and start fresh at the quarterback position.

even when theres a 50/50 chance he returns to his '04 form???

why not give him 3 or 4 games and if hes trash, then u cut his ass.

this way, you know he's good or not, and if not, then you didn't blow your whole season on him, cuz a team can easily recover from being down 3 or 4 games early.

i understand your feeling, but i would rather try and at least get something in return before i boot him, plus i like jyles as a prospect, i watched him in a few of his collegiate games when i was down in the states, and knew he would be good in the cfl, since he is undersized mobile type qb.

does anyone remember damon allen here in 1992 and tracy ham with the argos in 1994. both were supposedly finished Allen is still playing and Ham went on to Baltimore and montreal and led both teams to 1st place finishes. does anyone want to make the same mistake with Maas. give jason training camp and a couple games then keep him or dump him

i see someone agrees with me!

big difference, both of those QBs had upside, maas is so old, he looked very old last season, he has no mobility and cant move in the pocket, doesnt have a great release for a pocket passer, is very robotic in pocket, basically the guy is a injury prone statue and has very little chance of ever being a superstar franchise QB. The best way out for him is to return as a backup role and tutor a guy like lefors in edmonton, plus he lives year round in edmonton so why not let him live home, its clear he isnt happy in edmonton, also the ticats need to stop hiring ron lancatser.

No, it's not clear.

Here's what's clear. He was injured. He's had surgery. Now he's got a second chance with a repaired shoulder, a new system/staff, and one year away from Edmonton under his belt.

Plus, we've already got some young prospects to battle it out.

why would you want a qb coming off surgery, surgery means, rest, rehab, regaining strength, too much of a long process, plus the guy took too long to have his surgery, this team was out of the playoff hunt since july, he should have had his surgery a long time ago, he delayed and showed he is selfish, honeslty he should have gotten fixed up before labour day and should have been working out after, now he is behind schedule.

It's possible to trade him back to Edmonton with the salary he's making under the SMS.

correction...two people agree with you

I say give him a shot and see what happens.

I say give him this year to live up to his press, get his head fixed, and work under a stable regime. If he’s done, I’d rather find out after a fair shot with no firings and distractions. He could be ready to let loose with a great season.

maas is done, his arm is gone, just let him leave quiety, whats the point of another season? because if he struggles, everybody will use the excuse that he was playing in a new system and needed time to adjust and that it wasnt fair to only have one year under a new head coach, just cut your losses immediately and ship him back to edmonton far away from here.

I doubt the Esks would take him back as a QB, more likely as a qb coach or something. With Ray, Johnson, Jyles, Lefors, and the negotiation rights Zabransky, the Esks are clearly looking towards the future at the younger guys. The esks haven't even been able to really see what guys like Johnson or Jyles can do, since Ray has never been injured. I doubt they'd just trade them away without being clearly played and tested as they've looked really good from what we've seen in their limited time. With all of the young depth at QB, and Johnson looking to be on the outside of being a top 3 on the Esks depth chart for the upcoming season, I could see him being traded for a draft pick or linebacker before the season starts.

Make that 3 who agree with you!
Why does everyone wanna run this guy outta town? I agree that last year was brutal but we all thought that when we got him we were immediate playoff contenders. He single handely got Edmonton into the Grey Cup two years ago when Ricky Ray was ineffective, I'm hopeful he can return to form.
Oh and why would you want a QB who just came off surgery? I think the Saints are pretty happy with Drew Brees. Maas's injury isn't nearly as bad a Brees was.

I think some might be worried because this isn't Mass's first surgery. He had back surgery in Edmonton, as well as shoulder surgery between '04 and '05 in Edmonton. I'm confident that Maas will be able to return to decency in '07, maybe even approaching his '04 form. Best of luck to Maas and the Ticats(my favourite team in the east) in '07.

chances are lefors wont even make it through training camp, he hasnt even played in a while, plus johnson has been there forever and its time to move on, jyles is one guy hamilton needs to get and develop, and how does edmonton have zabransky rights when he just finished his season last month and hasnt even been drafted yet? there is no way this can happen.

According to this article, the Esks have Zabransky's negotiation rights...

A look at some of the quarterbacks currently on CFL neg lists who will be featured during the U.S. college bowl season:
-Troy Smith, Ohio State Buckeyes (12-0, ranked #1)- Tostitos BCS Championship Game, Glendale, AZ, Jan. 8th, 2007 (7 p.m. FOX) vs. Florida Gators (12-1, ranked #2).
-Syvelle Newton, South Carolina Gamecocks (7-5, not ranked) - AutoZone Liberty Bowl; Memphis, TN, Dec. 29th (3:30 p.m. ESPN/The Score) vs. Houston Cougars (10-3, not ranked).
-Bobby Reid, Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-6, not ranked) - PetroSun Independence Bowl; Shreveport, LA, Dec. 28th (3:30 p.m. ESPN/The Score vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (6-6, not ranked).
-Reggie Ball, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (9-4, not ranked) - Toyota Gator Bowl; Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 1st, 2007 (Noon, CBS) vs. West Virginia Mountaineers (10-2, 13th ranked).
-Chris Leak, University of Florida Gators (12-1, ranked #2) - Tostitos BCS Championship Game, Glendale, AZ, Jan. 8th, 2007 (7 p.m. FOX) vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (12-0, ranked #1).
-Chase Daniel, Missouri Tigers (8-4, not ranked) - Brut Sun Bowl; El Paso, Tex., Dec. 29th (1 p.m., CBS) vs. Oregon State Beavers (9-4, ranked 24th).
-Matt Flynn (not the starter), Louisiana State Tigers (10-2, ranked #4) - Allstate Sugar Bowl; New Orleans, LA, Jan. 3rd, 2007 (7 p.m. FOX) vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (10-2, 11th ranked).
-Paul Thompson, Oklahoma Sooners (11-2, ranked #7) - Tostitos Fiesta Bowl; Glendale, AZ., Jan. 1st, 2007 (7 p.m., FOX) vs. Boise State Broncos (12-0, ranked #9).
-Drew Tate, Iowa Hawkeyes (6-6, not ranked) - Alamo Bowl; San Antonio, TX., Dec. 30th (3:30 p.m., The Score/ESPN) vs. Texas Longhorns (9-3, ranked #18).
-Jared Zabransky, Boise State Broncos (12-0, ranked #9) - Tostitos Fiesta Bowl; Glendale, AZ., Jan. 1st, 2007 (7 p.m., FOX) vs. Oklahoma Sooners (11-2, ranked #7).
-John Beck, Brigham Young Cougars (10-2, ranked #19) - Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl; Las Vegas, NV., Dec. 21st (7 p.m., The Score/ESPN) vs. Oregon Ducks (7-5, not ranked).
-Brian Johnson, Utah Utes (7-5, not ranked) - Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl; Fort Worth, TX., Dec. 23rd (7 p.m. The Score/ESPN) vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricane (8-4, not ranked).
-Pat White, West Virginia Mountaineers (10-2, 13th ranked) - Toyota Gator Bowl; Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 1st, 2007 (Noon, CBS) vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (9-4, not ranked).

I follow the Esks very closely, attending training camp sessions and watching every game of the year. I, as well as many other eskimo followers, are seriously predicting Jyles as backup(he took over this role from Johnson after his performance in Montreal near the end of the season), with a battle between Lefors and Johnson for #3. And with the battle for #3, many are calling Johnson the odd man out. For more discussion on Zabransky and the Esks backup situation check out if you want.

dont even sit there and ocmpare brees to maas, maas aint close to drew brees' level, plus brees is a lot younger and has a tremendous upside, maas is an old fart and is not a superstar in waiting like drew brees.