Trade in the works- Burris to return to Saskatchewan!!

With John Hufnagel ready to name Dave Dickenson the starter in Calgary word on the street is that a deal is in the works to bring Henry Burris back to the Riders with Dominguez and others coming to Calgary. Wow!!!!! That would make things interesting in the west again. A new era in Calgary it seems!!!!!!

is this a joke post?! i can't tell either way. It certainly would be interesting if true.

Sorry turkey, but this story has about as much truth to it as Led Zeppelin playing in Taylor Field in October!!

Turkey, you are a month too late! I did that one on April 1st already!

Turkeys on moonshine again! an unrelated shocker, Calgary has signed Marty McSorley, Todd Bertuzzi, Chris Simon, and Steve Downie to their d-line...terms were not disclosed...

Turkey's School of Creative Writting is finished for this semester. He is advertising for Summer school now! :wink: :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol: The stamps should get Crawford to coach the future miss deeds of this line up. :lol:

Shhh...that one is a secret.....

.......and then.......turkey woke up.

I dunno. The Huffer may have a soft spot for aged, immobile, caucasian QB's with average arm strength....

Speaking the mighty Zep, here are all their appearances in Canada over the years, if you or your dad or your uncle or whoever recorded any of these shows let me know! I collect 'em :slight_smile:

28/12/1968 Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver, BC

02/02/1969 Rockpile - Toronto, ON

09/05/1969 Edmonton Gardens - Edmonton, AB

10/05/1969 Pacific Coliseum -
Vancouver, BC

26/07/1969 PNE Agrodome, Vancouver, BC

29/07/1969 Kinsmen Field House - Edmonton, AB

18/08/1969 The Rockpile - Toronto, ON (2 Shows)

02/11/1969 O'Keefe Centre - Toronto, ON (2 shows)

04/11/1969 Memorial Auditorium - Kitchener, ON

21/03/1970 Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver, BC

13/04/1970 Montreal Forum - Montreal, QB

14/04/1970 Ottawa Civic Centre - Ottawa, ON

29/08/1970 Man-Pop Festival, Winnipeg Arena - Winnipeg, MB

19/08/1971 Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver, BC

04/09/1971 Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto, ON

07/06/1972 Montreal Forum - Montreal, QB

18/07/1973 Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver, BC

06/02/1975 The Forum - Montreal, QB

19/03/1975 Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver, BC

20/03/1975 Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver, BC

His student enrollment is down for the summer..... he needs more registered! :lol: :lol: