Trade Ideas...

How bout Glenn, Stoddard and maybe Thurmon for Jesse Palmer and Thyron Anderson

As an Als fan, I'd take that deal in about three seconds.

:lol: Umm NO .... let me see .... fisrt let's see who may be available.... and this is by order of who i would go after.
  1. Jason Maas... i know he's not having a good season, but what ti-cat is? glenn and 2 other players for Maas and holmes.

2.. Corey Holmes (and move AJ3 to WR) holmes is also a great addition to Roberts and gives a double threat there and on Special Teams

  1. Josh Ranek .. I know he's hurt but if we can get ranek and maas that would help 2 assets of the game our useless QB situation and again a double threat in the backfield

Now that is just the ti-cats lets see who Hamilton might consider for the above

Let us say Glenn or Banks, Thurmon and a draft pick for Maas and holmes or Ranek

Also i say we trade Hebert for a good defensive player as he brings too much baggage and he is not a LB and Berry insists he plays there, if we are going to keep Gallant at safety then trade Hebert already for a great linebacker.

Trade Glenn - Trade Hebert - Trade Thurmon

Also we need to replace Westwood before next season .... Jamie Boreham??? Let me here your thoughts BB FANS

Wait one last thought ... as i watch the Hamilton/Edmonton game ... Let us say Maccocia get's fired (which is a great possibility) he praised Ricky ray, why don't we make a pitch for Ray as the Esks are losing at half time by 16 points ... I would part with Glenn or Banks , Hebert and Thurmon and maybe even a draft pick For Ray and a Great linebacker

Maas just doesnt do it for me, something wrong with his arm, lancaster said he'll have an injury that will effect the rest of his career.

I have a trade idea...let say we trade Brazzell for Kamau Peterson,from the Ticats...Peterson is a big guy with good hands..last year when we ran him out of town, it was looking like a steal of a deal, this year it's :oops:...Go Brazzell, we have to save face..

I think every team in the league is looking to make a deal to improve their team right know. I would try to pry a receiver out of Edmonton, Hervey maybe.

....Edmonton is probably willing to deal...just who would we have to give up, to get someone of the question?????? :roll:

Are the Winnipeg Police burning a BIG pile of marijuana somewhere nearby your house?????

:lol: :lol: :lol:

How high is your fever?