Trade idea?

What would it take to get SJ Green or even Carter from Montreal.

Would trading Sammy G and say Gascon Nadon (spelling?) work. And would you make the deal.

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Carter will be a free agent and has already stated that he has NFL aspirations. As for Green - I think we have good receivers already and year two with Zach we'll probably see better offensive production as they become more familiar with each other and Zach feels more at ease with the system.

Didn't think about that tbh. If Carter leaves they definitely wouldn't let SJ go.

I believe Nadon and Giguere are also in the last year of their deal.

I probably should have thought this through a little better :lol:

I don't think you are going to grab either. SJ Green is a Montreal franchise player. He sells the jerseys, he has the roots there now, what you'd have to give to get him would not be worth it.

As far as Carter, well if he as NFL aspirations, they are what they are. I think the only way you get him is a comparable receiver and a national that addresses a Montreal need, and really the only spot I can see there is if you were looking to swap Stala out for Giguere or Fantuz, which frankly isn't worth it for a player who might not be sticking around.

I dont like the enemies from the east on my team.
Tiggle would be the exception.

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With Giguere being a free agent at the end of this season I would be surprised if does NOT sign with the Alouettes when he gets the opportunity.

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As for Giguere in Montreal. I don't know that he would thrive, lots of extra pressure and unrealistic expectations. I think he's at a stage in his career where he's wanting a bigger role and Montreal hasn't been friendly territory for Canadians at the position unless your name is Eric Deslauriers and your willing to be a roaming linesman. Austin has used him smartly. He's always been a receiver who is mostly effective sitting in a pocket kind of like the Ralph brothers out of Alberta. How often has someone seen Giguere make a catch at full speed ? If Gigi was a car he would be this :lol:

So why would you be surprised? He seems to like playing in Hamilton. Although not a breakout year, he has progressed where he is a bona fide starter on this team. Would he be one in Montreal (look at Dave Stala who signed there this off season, eg.)?

If anything I could see Ottawa make him an offer higher that his stats command based on their needs. Might be the best fit outside of Hamilton IMO.

anywhere that puts him in the slot is a better fit than Hamilton.

Exactly the way I feel. I think Giguere hates playing the wide out spot, even if he is a starter, because they seldom throw his (or whoever lines up in that spot) way. Giguere is a good receiver, although lots of fans in this town think otherwise :roll: , but I think he is as good as gone after this season. I sure would love to be proven wrong and have him re-sign in Hamilton.

If you're playing the slot, though, you have to make tight catches on the run in traffic. Something I haven't really see Giguere do with much consistency. You can't just run go routes or comebacks down the sidelines...

That's exactly what he's been doing since he has been filling in for Fantuz at slot. Consistency? Don't know what games you have been watching?

OK, but that's a few games. I was thinking more of over a season. Not denying he's a talented guy but Austin keeps him at WR for a reason, I imagine...

That reason being Andy Fantuz. Also worth mentioning is his clone Greg Ellingson and the pleasant surprise of Luke Tasker. Giguere is the speed wide-side WR that is unfortunately under-used in the CFL due to the width of the field. Bakari, I guess, is too valuable on the near-side (being sure-handed and 6'4" helps) AND he out-played Koch. IF Austin drafts/signs a bone-fied WR in the off-season or moves one of Ellingson or Tasker to WR, only then could I see Giguere in the slot.