Trade for Trade

We beat your backup QB, you beat ours were even, till the two starters play full games next time

Yes but your team is supposed to be all powerful . Defence was supposed to be the best . Didnt look that way to me !!!!

The running game was explosive for us and that solved the defence.

Credit due to our good offensive line hogs!!!!(and J.Ranek!!)

Good job !

Cats did not lose first game because of Eakin, they lost because they got their butts kicked. Returned the favour last night.

What happen to the Dline and Big Bad Barron Radline Had him for Lunch..

Climey "Said Forget About it you can't Run on the Peg "
Guess we did the Impossable.

Ran for over 100 Yards.. mon your D

Thats what should concern Winnipeg, is how we ran the ball down their throat with all of their injuries on OFFENCE.

Hey Stegalfan we took your best receiver and quarterback out.Guess whos next.

Eakin was a big reason though, he didn't seem to know what he was doing. he didn't know were to throw the ball and he didn't seem to read the pass rush all that well.

Winnipeg did march down field and get a t.d on their first drive with Glenn at q.b, his injury was huge, as was Steagal's.

Eakin will be fine in the future but I still believe the best place for him is to hold the clipboard on the bench and watch and learn. Why rush him? Many of the good QB's this league has seen has spent 1 full season on the bench. This is Eakin's first full season technically.