Trade for McCallum

since most think we MUST win the grey cup this year...



Wouldn't make that trade anyway.

And until Calvillo retires or gets injured....good luck to the rest of the East.

And until Calvillo retires or gets injured....good luck to the rest of the East.
That's the spirit! :roll:

I can't see Bellefuelle throwing Setta under the bus. But then again, watching Setta miss critical field goals this late in the year is probably giving coach B an ulcer. So who knows?

I dont see MB throwing Setta under the bus either, but isnt it OB's call?

Stop this nonsense. Nick Setta is our kicker. He's having some struggles but at the start of the year he was visibly injured. Cut him some slack. When the rest of our team was junk Nick was the man!

Mark my words... Setta will be the best kicker in the league next season.

It looks to me like Setta has an injury that is being kept quiet. I think putting him on the injury list if we can find a decent rent a kicker. Canadian or American. Mcallum though isnt the answer. Nick on the othrt hand is part of our future, along with Porter. I think he (Porter) will do well in this League. But for the strech drive lets START in Glenn.

Amen to that, but save your energy. Seems as though some people are making up for the fact that they didn't get to blast Setta over the past 2 seasons by really giving it to him now. :roll:

I don't think the injury is too much of a secret, but Nick will not use it as an excuse. He has issues with his back. A bit of a difficult injury to kick with.

Yeah, let's feel bad for poor Setta and keep letting him play as he slowly slips below 50% made fg's.....

If he is hurt that he can't makes his kicks then he shouldn't be playing.

This is the first year that Nick has been here where our kicking game has actually mattered. Unfortunately he ain't cutting it this year. A couple key makes on FGs this year and we have 8 or 9 wins and everyone wouldn't be saying boo about our QB situation.

Here is a question. Isn’t McCallum injured and done for the year??

It was reported during the last BC game that he is ready and kicking 60 yarders in practise.

If he's healthy and available at a reasonable price, it's a no-brainer to sign him. He'd be an improvement over Setta and as a non-import, he'd free up an import roster spot. Over a 17 year CFL career, he's hit on 77% of his FG attempts. For whatever reason, Setta has lost his consistency. They need more out of that position especially when it's held by an import.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm not sure how to comment on the Setta situation. I truly admire his work ethic and clearly he has been great in the past, but he's missed some he certainly should have made this season and while its frustrating for the fans, its worse for Nick.

The injury thing has always bugged me. It boggles my mind when a player is hurt that he would stay in play, let alone, the coach leaving him on the roster. It seems to me that this philosophy is unfair to the team and the fans. Alternatively, kickers are not a dime a dozen and I'm hoping that Nick can return to his former self. Meanwhile, we have to give him encouragement and hope he gets his "injury" resolved soon.

There is no way I would trade Nick Setta, but I would have dumped a guy like Maas in a heartbeat rather than persevere with his ineptness.

Get well, Nick!

Forget it. BC is not going to trade him to a team they might play in the post season. Ain't happening. That's a trade I'd make in a minute. Another import dressing instead of a 50 percent kicker...

I'm on the fence about this injury thing.
I can't help but think after watching him jog around the field a dozen times every day at practice and watch him punt 50-60 yarders in practice, that the back isn't his problem.