Trade for Jermaine Copeland

Hamilton needs another top receiver and
jermaine copeland is struggling in calgary
right now. the ti-cats could possibly pick
him up and who knows he might get back to his old form and help this ti-cats offense. Tell me what you think of it.

why trade for a struggling reciever.

plus, i dont feel like the recieving corps is the top priority on this list of things to fix right now

well... if he's struggling you might be able to get him and give up very little in return.
and since the ti-cats have no passing touchdowns and have very little production from the recievers maybe it would be nice to get a receiver that has played very well in the past

We should trade Chang for him.....

Copeland would be a great addition to the Cats. But what would he cost?

Remember Terry Vaughn? He played well in the past until he came here.So did Jason Armstead.

Remember Terry Vaughn? He played well in the past until he came here. So did Jason Armstead.

to be honest... im not sure what the ti-cats would have to give up to get him. but if they made a move to get him now that he's struggling in calgary they could get a good deal for him. and since their has been a few dropped balls and tony miles being out and the loss of brock ralph i think it would be a great pick up if he played well in hamilton. i could see him being the top receiver in hamilton.

Remember Terry Vaughn? He played well in the past until he came here. So did Jason Armstead........
dude terry vaughn was too old when he came to hamilton and was way pass his for armstead he really hasnt done anything in mtl.....i think this is a great trade for chang. players sometimes need a fresh start, and maybe thats a chance we should take.. plus he has some good exprience that is need and him and tony the tiger i think would rip it up!

Remember Terry Vaughn? He played well in the past before he came here. So did Jason Armstead.

you mean it would be a good trade : Chang for copeland
i think the cats might have to give a little more... but definatly that wouold be a sick trade because calgary would probably like to get a young quarterback in back up and since it looks like it will be printers and williams for a while i dont see chang getting any playing time. plus... i live near calgary and got season tickets so im okay with him going to calgary.

Copeland is a veteran possession receiver, exactly the kind of player who can solidify your receiving corps, especially during Miles's absence. Rodriguez is a young horse, but he is new to the league; Woodcock is more of a deep threat; and the rest haven't shown they can make that tough catch on second down to move the chains.

Everyone realizes that this is just pie in the sky, right? We're talking like either team is actually considering this.

I don't think Calgary would even consider it. Copeland is still a valuable receiver to them. Weakening their receiving corps to bring in a 4th string qb? I don't think so. They have a more than adequate back up - his name is Dave Dickenson. The Stamps are set at quarterback.

Yeah, I agree that the Stamps have zero need for Chang. Burris-Dickenson, for my money, is the best 1-2 QB punch in the league.

that trade ain't gonna happen.
reasons already given above. if you were to pry copeland you're looking at giving up one of young canadians, such as bauman. which i say no way jose!

Considering we have lost 3 of our last 4 games by 7 or less, we need a veteran player that can step up and be the difference in those games. Right now we don't have that guy, well we do, but he is injured. Whether it is a WR(maybe Jermaine Copeland) who steps up and makes that catch in the dying seconds to put us in field goal range, or a defensive end to make the sack that will end the oppositions drive securing the win, or an offensive lineman to stop the opposing rush, giving the QB time to step up and make the throw. My point is, this team is good, until crunch time when it's time to step up, we need a vetern prescence to make that play to put us over the top in these close loses.

An adequate pass rush alone will improve this team dramatically.

Next step is consistent pass protection and this team will win a good share of games.

Hey, how about we trade Charlie Taaffe for John Hufnagel, straight up!! :thup: for armstead he really hasnt done anything in mtl.....
8) I guess the big reason for that could be because Armstead is not even in Montreal now !!!! :roll:

yeah well IMHO i think that if he came here he wouldn't have any more luck then any of the other "big play maker" players are having.