Trade for Drew Tate

This team needs a veteran QB presence
Tate has been in the league 8 years and is healthy on the bench for Calgary
Why not bring in Tate while the season is young so he can save us
Who cares if he will be a free agent soon

Assuming that bringing in Tate would be a good idea (it's not), what makes you think Calgary would want to give him up when their only other backup is Bryant Moniz, whose pro experience consists of 5 games in the AFL?

And what do you think Hufnagel would want in return?

I'm interested to know why you think bringing in Tate would be a bad idea?

Because he has a history of being derailed by injury multiple times, he has a history of antagonizing teammates, and despite the number of years he's been in the league, he has only has 42 more career pass attempts than Collaros. Plus Hufnagel decided this year that he wasn't good enough to start for Calgary. Even if Tate had no other negatives, it would only make sense to trade for him if a QB was "the one ingredient" our team is missing and we had no other irons in the fire, and I don't think that's the case.

No, for the aforementioned reasons and because all of our QBs deserve a shot with a healthy O-Line that's capable of blocking a pass rush.

I would love a trade for Tate I think he could tear apart the East Division
I love him as a player but

  1. Would he stay healthy ?
  2. Would Austin give him a fair chance vs a guy they are paying around $420,000 (Collaros)

If the answer to both of these questions is yes then he could bring a grey cup to Hamilton!
But who's to say that #ZC can't

Collaros will be a very good QB for us MAYBE but going with Tate is another maybe for health
so its kind of a win win or lose lose situation and that's not a risk Hamilton is probably going pay..

I seem to recall it was reported that Collaros is only making $250,000. Given that Hank, one of the CFLs biggest vets was making a reported $450,000 that seems about right. That was part of the reason we went with a young QB, because he would count less towards the cap and that we had to replace Hank at some point, better sooner then later.

It can't hurt. We been losers for yrs , bring him in.

$250k is right

"Collaros, the former Toronto Argonauts backup, agreed to terms with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Thursday morning. It's believed the contract is in the $250,000 range with normal CFL quarterback incentives."

[url=] ... h-collaros[/url]

We have a #1 QB in Collaros,
He has only played 1 full game for us,
Just give the guy a chance!

Safetyblitz hit the nail on the head. If we even wanted him (which I don't) why on earth would Huff trade him and how much do you think he would be asking? More than I'm willing to pay. Who says he can bring a GC to Hamilton? I see nothing that says that he is any better than what we have at this point after all the injuries he has suffered. If he was he'd be starting.

If I had a nickel for every post on this board in the past 10 years about Danny McManus, Jason Maas, Casey Printers, Kevin Glenn and Henry Burris and how we have to "develop a QB" and "get younger" and "stop taking other teams leftovers" and "this team never goes with a young QB" I would be a millionaire 10 times over.
We finally do that, and now after 1 game we're giving up on our starter.
This fan base is priceless.

Amen to that Brother

Montreal needs Tate more then the Cats do, Smith is not working out and after three games I have seen no improvement at all.

Post of the decade.

Collaros is injured.
I don't know of any animosity between Tate and his team.
Pass attempts mean nothing. Tate is a winner.
Milanovich decided that Collaros wasn't good enough to start, or even keep on his team. Huf, decided that Hank was not good enough to start and Hank's been to the Grey Cup since. Means nothing
QB is the most important ingredient in the CFL game. Without a good one, you can not win. See: Montreal. And oh yeah, see the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Tate is better by far than what I have seen from any of the current Cats QBs.

Wow, as I see it, Collaros hasn't been brought in to a development role. He was brought in to start and win, now. He's has two years in the league and 6 starts. In the majority of those starts he played terribly and was able to eke out a win or his team picked things up and won despite him. Throwing a player with that resume into the fire isn't "development" in my view.

I don’t kind mixed on this our o-line is swiss cheese and Tate Reminds me Matt Dunigan

Good QB but was made of Glass

At least a QB who knows not to run into DE,s with a target on their jersey:wink:

You and I don't know the severity of Collaros' injury. He hasn't been added to the 9-game.
If you don't know of any animosity between Tate and his team, you haven't paid attention to the games he's played in.
Pass attempts in meaningful games are how a quarterback learns the pro game. Tate hasn't had significantly more time learning under fire than Collaros has.
Tate has played 4 good games since 2012, 2 of them in 2013. Collaros has played 3 good games, all in 2013.
Milanovich has an encumbent 4 years younger than Henry Burris, with multiple Grey Cup rings (mist recently from 2012), who has been generally regarded as one of the top 2 Qbs in the league for about a decade. Drew lost the starter's battle with a guy who only had 3 career starts.

I agree QB is the most important ingredient, but I think it's premature to give up on Collaros.

Collaros went 5-2 in 2013, we say the real season begins in Sept., well Zach won the CFL player of the month for Sept.

[url=] ... -september[/url]

[b] "For the first time in his career, QB Zach Collaros has earned CFL Offensive Player of the Month honours for the month of September. Collaros is the first Argonaut in 2013 to receive a player of the month award and adds to the CFL offensive player of the week nod he received in week 13 for his effort against Calgary.

The product of the University of Cincinnati led the Boatmen to a 4-1 record in the month of September. He also helped the Argonauts set a CFL record with four consecutive wins on the road from weeks 11-14. During the month, Collaros completed 111 of 172 passes (65%) for 1,299 yards and nine touchdowns. He also added 99 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns.

The 25 year old became known for his heroic comebacks this month as all four road wins came with second half surges by the young quarterback. This included a personal career-high 336 passing yards against Montreal in week 11. Perhaps most impressive were his cumulative fourth quarter passing statistics during the Argos’ four road games: 33 of 38 (86.8%), 372 passing yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions with a 142.5 QB rating.[/b]

Just give this guy some time, He has the talent and work ethic to be a good one!