Trade for Damon Allen?

Does anyone like the idea of trading for Damon Allen?

We got nobody left to trade.

Aside from perhaps Damon Allen and Roger Connery, I suspect the answer is no.

Fantuz and Cates for Allen?

I wouldn't trade you for Damon Allen.......

I wouldn't trade Gainer the Gopher for Damon Allen.

DA should retire and play in the old timers league. His best years are long gone.

Do we have a shot at Joey Harrington?

why would we even discuss such a stupid idea?

Jyles and Durant as the #1 is a stupid idea. Crandell isn't much better.

well sorry but that's all we've got.. Live with it.

Crandell isn't that bad man.. you need a little faith.

Drew Tate FTW!

Kelly Holcomb has been released...? he's a 10 year NFL backup.

Quentin Griffin is gonna take the snaps. With Szarka and Cates in the backfield, and all those extra linemen to wear eligible numbers and line up as TE's, we're gonna go with the triple option, wishbone offence this year.

good one cause we got no one to throw the ball

Why the heck would we do that? Allen is washed up garbage!

Go Riders!

How many teams has he played for

Marcus Crandell had the game of his career when he QB's Calgary's Grey Cup victory. He showed up when the game was on the line.

KJ did not have his best game for the 'riders on Grey Cup day. Perhaps even his worst game of the season for passing? He ran like a demon, but only because his passing game, quite frankly "stunk" that day.

We were very fortunate Kevin Glenn was injured and James Johnson had three interceptions. Sure there were 2 dropped passes, but there are dropped passes every game in the CFL.

That I think is the soul of a star player... one who plays better than expected to win a championship game, not one who plays well below expectations.

That dosen't make any sense. One of Tillman's reasons for trading Joseph is that he was aging at 34. Damon Allen is 45 for god's sake. Don't see it happening.

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Allen is retiring according to that article.

I still think something is up or will happen involving Bishop - Winnipeg and the Riders

Bishop just signed an extension with the Argos(at the same time they aquired Joseph), so I doubt he is going anywhere soon.