TRADE - DT Coleman +6th for a 4th rd pick

So with Coleman as a starting DT he gets $60K
Somebody needs to start in his place and also make a min of about 60K. ZERO savings on the cap.
Might be a team building decision if his reported flare up with a team mate was more than a one off.

He picked the wrong teammate to flare up with -- the 3rd most talked about (if you count Masoli as 2nd) guy at training camp, a coaches' favourite, and probably our "MVP" -- most versatile player. They must also feel strongly that they have, at least, his equal in somebody else.
Good luck out west "DAY-von," as I heard him recently pronounce his name.

The coach was gushing about Nikita Whitlock after yesterdays practice. They also signed Bobby Ricardson who started 15 games for the New Orleans Saints and they are high on Jason Neill who came along later in the season.
I trust the coaches who see these players practice ever day, to make the right decisions.
The rationale is that the coaches who see them up close decided he's not as good as the other DTs

Or they didn't want him around their group for 5 months

I found this article to be rather un-insightful for a Milton article. But it's not one of the world's great mysteries: they like draft picks better than import D-linemen, they like the other players competing for the position, and Coleman raised his voice at practice.

Why the Ticats traded Davon Coleman

Good player but so what ?
Not quite ten a penny but like american RBs, RECs, and DBs if your scouting cant consistently bring in good american DTs your team has serious problems.

HTC does not have that problem.

I have absolute confidence in the coaches. What I meant by my question was who is impressing them at this position. Thanks for answering.

Yup . It would appear that June likes Nikita a whole lot more than he likes Davon .

Anyways with the departure of Coleman the depth chart at DT is showing 8 bodies still in camp .
4 Canadians (Laurent , Vaugan , McEwen , Wade ) and 4 Americans (Whitlock , Neil , Richardson , Trail)
Laurent , Whitlock and Vaugan are virtual locks to make this team . So that leaves the other 5 probably battling it out for most likely 3 remaining spots on the squad (2 roster / 1 PR ) with possibly 1 more suddenly stubbing his toe the day of final cuts and having to be placed on IL .

Also as some others have eluded to the team might be considering a ratio change and might be looking at starting 2 Cdns in the interior this season . I would think that it would all be predicated on if the Coach's feel that Vaughan is ready to step up to a starters role after a strong rookie campaign last season where he was used in a rotational role and didn't look out of place out there when called upon .

Given that (last I heard) they're trying Whitlock at fullback, traditionally a national position, they must be looking at changing up the ratio somehow.

Well I found out from a very reliable source as to why Coleman was traded. Well June Jones wanted to cut him after Colemab got into two fights in 2 days. Management was forced then to trade him because i guess it is June jones team now