TRADE - DT Coleman +6th for a 4th rd pick

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We've acquired a 4th round pick in the 2019 @CFL Draft from the @BCLions in exchange for defensive tackle Davon Coleman (@ColesWorld43) and a 6th round pick in 2019. #Ticats

Cap move??

Really confused by this trade. Our best import DT for a 4th round pick?? What?

tillman with his 3rd brutal trade of the offseason. Hughes for a QB we dont need and couldve got cheaper, Bomben to move up 1 spot, and now a beast of a DT AND a pick for a mid round pick which means ST if they do anything at all. Great job bud, if your goal is to upstage your ridiculous ricky ray trade you might try trading tasker to mtl for a 7th rd pick in 2056

Just had a thought... they have 4 capable Canadian DT now, so maybe they're starting 2? If so.. then 3 of the 4 on the D-line will be Nationals.

Coleman was the one who took Jennings out last year, I believe. I can see why BC would want him on their side. Not as clear why we would want him playing against us.

Hopefully it’s because we’ve discovered a new guy in camp that looks even better.

That seems like the most logical explanation, especially considering the timing.

This trade is definitely not my favorite
I LOVED Coley's game and the edge he played with BUT
this trade does have the writing on the wall that the money if not all then some
will go to #1 pick Mark Chapman. I would expect to see Chapman in camp
Sat or Sun.

This hurts my brain. Eric better not kill our team. It's not like he's traded the best QB in the cfl today for what?

BUT this trade does have the writing on the wall that the money if not all then some will go to #1 pick Mark Chapman. I would expect to see Chapman in camp Sat or Sun.
Need the $$$ for Chapman may be the only logical answer to this. :(

I guess the Manziel signing has put us right up against the Cap.

Irreplaceable. Just like Bomben. There simply arent any import D lineman like him. US scouting shouldnt even bother looking

Coleman is a good player. Tough to see him shipped out, but I trust Ticat management. If you want to win a championship, you sometimes have to makes moves that not everyone agrees with.

Ticats trade Coleman to Lions for draft Choice
SPORTS 09:18 PM by By Steve Milton

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats traded starting defensive tackle Davon Coleman to the B.C. Lions on Friday night for a fourth-round draft choice in next year's CFL draft.
With a sixth-round draft choice also heading to the Lions the return doesn't seem very high for Coleman, whose five sacks were fourth on the team last year. In his first Ticat season he also had a strong nose for the ball and was effective at pressuring opposing quarterbacks.
But the Ticats have put a much higher premium on draft choices than International interior linemen in recent years and also have Jason Neill and Bobby Richardson as possible replacements for Coleman, who was taking first-team reps most of training camp. Whoever takes Coleman's place — and that could include two-way player Nikita Whitlock for a few snaps per game — would line up most of the time beside homebrew star Ted Laurent.
Neill played eight games for the Ticats last season and Richardson made 11 starts for New Orleans three years ago and has been on practice rosters of three other NFL teams. Both are 25, two years younger than Coleman.
Coleman was involved in an increasingly loud, and quite extended, shouting match on the sidelines with Whitlock in training camp on Thursday. Head coach June Jones could not be reached for comment Friday night.
Coleman played 17 games last year and made 41 defensive tackles to go with his five sacks, 13 quarterback pressures and two fumble recoveries. He also blocked a field goal.

For all we know, Coleman was making close to the minimum since he would still be on his first contract. We have to play another man in his place so the cap “savings? may be approximately zero.

Seems to be exactly the type of player our new D Coordinator would love. Maybe the team mate to team mate confrontation that happened at practice was too much??
Puzzling for sure on the surface.

Coleman was on a typical rookie contract I think, so it wouldn't clear much cap space to trade him. He was likely getting about 60K, but maybe that's all the space they need to fit Chapman into the cap.

Other 1st round picks got 250-280K over 3 years, so Chapman will likely cost 300-325K over 3. So maybe they had 60K or so left, and needed another 60 or so free for Chapman, who would get 100-110K this year I imagine.

So you figure we’ll just go with an 11 man defence this year? If we decide to field a full roster someone will be getting the paycheque Coleman would have. No savings there.

Well... someone will play in Coleman's place, but I guess you mean 1th because his replacement won't be a proven player. Well if that's your argument Coleman is hardly proven. 1 good season isn't proven.

I do admit he was our best import DT, but maybe they will play a Canadian in his spot. I would argue Hamilton has one of the best groups of young Canadian DT in the CFL.

Not sure what that means. I’m just saying that the reason for dumping Coleman could not have been about freeing up salary cap space.

Disclaimer, this will irritate you. >:(

Yup, irritated ?. Would love to know the rationale for this trade.