Trade Deadline

Agreed, definitely don’t want a shakey kicker in the playoffs! Then again, bringing in another kicker might sure be a good way to rattle his confidence.

Sounds like something the wife would say. ;D :wink:

I thought the kid from Carleton that was here during training camp showed pretty well. Michael Domagala I believe was his name. Just having him around might have pushed Lirim to excel.

Speaking of “Doinks” maybe we should bring this clown in for a look-see for a little competition for Lirum . ;DThis guy was the best “Doinker” there ever was . 8)

You made me laugh out loud, Bobo . You are the man !

Pat Lynch ( a big Doink fan)

Isn’t one of our ‘Global’ players a kicker? My website connection is acting up, but I thought he was still on our practice roster?

Yes he is, and he scored the first (only?) points by a Global player.

I can just imagine - Doink the clown and Ric Flair together at the Eastern Final on Tim Hortons Field!

The original Doink passed away, unfortunately

I hear that Dink is alive, well and still small.

He must not be using any performance enhancing drugs. ;D

Yup and as you can see he is a very good kicker . ;D

77 GNAHOUA is our Global player dressing lately.

Kind of has a low trajectory though. ;D

Deadline is a little more than a week away. Should be interesting to see what moves are made.

Sure looks like that that little kicker in Ottawa, what the frigs his name

Lewis “Dinkster? Ward…

If we trade for Ward, do we have to let him work as a stadium security guard first?

I doubt Ottawa would trade Ward. He’s the only guy that’s putting up any points for them. ;D

I more than doubt Hamilton would trade for him. And, I don’t expect the TiCats will trade for anyone.