Trade Deadline

At this point in the season;

What do you feel we need?

Who do you think will be available?

What can we give up?

Ottawa, Toronto and BC may be having fire sales

Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Montreal will be looking for a few pieces I bet. Maybe Winnipeg as well.

We and Calgary are the least likely to make any moves

Brad Sinopoli

For who?

Desjardins? Bag of magic beans and late round picks.

I can’t resist
James Wilder Jr
;D ;D

Got to have a bag of used practice balls somewhere to offer? :slight_smile:

He’d certainly come cheap, being a contract year and all.

I don’t think that Simoni would welcome him with open arms…

If/when Canadian QB’s count towards the ratio ;).

Maybe a late round draft pick. His stats are down this year due to injury and Ottawa not being able to decide on a QB. He is the type of weapon that would help Dane Evans on second down. We may need to send a player back to clear cap space.

Wilder looked good on the weekend. But I’d take John White over him in a heartbeat.

He also needs to be accompanied by a shrink. ::slight_smile:

Should the Lions falter, perhaps Bryan Burnham might become available . You can never have enough good receivers .

We don’t need White, again . Wilder is XFL material .

If Chris Frey is gone for the season, then maybe we could add a MLB to bolster the position.

In Orlondo we trust . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the aged person)

They should have played Sutton before the trade deadline to see what he has got left in the tank !? as is he needed now or are we ok at RB for the rest of 2019

Franklin-Argos 3rd string QB for some added depth.

If Evans gets dinged we are very exposed.

I’m very concerned with our lack of a running game and running back. I would like to see what Sutton can do…be he has to be given the ball. None of this running back by committee. Hopefully Cam Marshall returns and is used consistently, not rotated in and out constantly. Still don’t know why we gave up on Alex Green?

As per Kyle Melo Twitter- Maleek Irons practicing.

Kicker/punter…LH has been decent but not great. Punts out of bounds resulting in penalties and recent FG yips are of some concern. I’m probably nitpicking, but that’s the area id upgrade if I could.

If there was a veteran backup QB available, I’d take that as well… who do we have after Dane?

Lirim was kind of a goat around here last year but he seemed to get his mojo back in the 1st half of this season. Maybe Reinebold had something to do with it. But lately he seems to be having some of the issues that plagued him last year. Hopefully he gets it sorted out before the playoffs. Can’t really afford a shanked punt in the Grey Cup. ;D

Maybe that “doink” off the post will be the spark he needs!