trade deadline

Do you think a trade deadline should be instituted in the CFL and if so what week should it be in?

week 10 or 12

but I don't really care if the is or not.

I wouldn't mind one about week 11 or 12 - that way the playoff race is heating up, but the final standings are not yet determined. It would really make things interesting for the last six games of the season.....

i dont think the cfl needs a trade deadline

too small?

I bet this trade deadline thing wouldn't have come up without the Esks-Cats trade.....

I did notice on sportsnet that Tillman's got an article regarding the deadline. Apparently there is one, but I can't remember when it is. I'm assuming prior to the playoffs.... but past that, I wouldn't doubt if it's the last week of the season.

I'd say lucky week 13.... actually, considering the bye's, there's 20 weeks, right? So, maybe week 15 then, 3/4 of the way through the season. Nobody should really be out of contention, it was only last night that Hamilton and Winnipeg were officially eliminated. Should be fair I think.

the trade deadline is midnight of oct. 19

I was unaware that there was one, I brought this topic up because I read in the paper there wasn't one.