trade deadline you think we'll be active?

Anyone hear any rumors?

Not yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Maybe Marcel can trade a starter for nobody again.....
Thank Gawd for the deadline!

tommyboy, get off it already.

First you have stated in moree than enough threads your displeasure with Desjardins. At least keep it in one instead of everyone.

2nd, When Maas was traded he was no longer a starter. He was a $300,000 a season backup.

When Desjardins came in he did what everyone wanted him to do. CLEAN HOUSE. How do we know what was going on inside the locker room. Maybe soem of the guys he dumped because of the losing attitude and culture that surrounded this team. Marcel went out on a limb, did what most fans said they wanted and maybe cost himself a job (i don't think it's right for people to want his head after one year)by taking that chance and changing things.

Marcel`s plan was to recruit our own U.S. players

Are there any Canadian players who are
in disfavour or potentially available?


S_D, When Desjardins came in he did what
an emotionally overheated minority of fans
frustrated with losing cried out for.

Marcel took advantage of this outcry
and went on a cost-cutting rampage,


He turned this once proud franchise
virtually into an expansion team

which his ego led him to believe
he could re-build overnight.

and disguised it as noble attempt to
rid the locker room of a losing culture.

In actual fact it will take
many, many years to rebuild.


There were many cooler headed fans
who knew that this bloodshed was
obviously a ridiculous idea.

No CFL General Manager had ever
tried such a preposterous thing

so how could a 1st year GM pull it off?

Cleaning house is not the issue. You say that I repeat myself in other threads but I guess this is necessary because you don't seem to understand.
Getting rid of players is not the problem.
Getting NOTHING IN RETURN is the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 Starters gone.....0 in return.
This is not good management, plain and simple.

As far as money concerns....Winnipeg can pay Walls and as I stated they also have money to pay Stegall, Roberts, Simpson, Armstrong, Canada, Edwards, Brown..............

you forgot a guy named glenn tommyboy and also, if we HAD to trade maas the exact same day we got printers because of salary issues, so we couldnt wait a day. why is montreal able to pay him and calvillo? all these teams with better players AND they take the salaries we dump, guess its called fuzzy math.

I really don't think you guys get it. This was worse than a 1 season rebuild. Now as for the 6 starters. You nee to get a very real grip on who go traded. and why. You have no idea what anyone was like in the locker room. I have never disputed that we didn't dump salaries. But this 6-0 thing is really not an issue.

DJ Flick - Not sure he puts up these numbers for us, especially with Maas at QB at the start.

Peterson - I don't anyone in the CFl saw this from him

Smith - Never really impressed me here, he was very inconsistent.

Goss - Wasn't going to play here

Barrenchea - Should NEVER have been a starter and iif I'm not mistken isn't a starter now.

Boreham - Who cares!!

Maas - Ceased being the starter the day we signed Printers.

You gus can complain all you want but you have no clue what was offered for any of these guys. until you can give me names (and get off the Walls thing cos there is no proof it was Wallss for Maas straight up) then your arguments are way off based. You are arguing because you think for some reason that this team should be spending for the sake of spending. Rebounder you say you aren't spending anymore money on this team till they priove they can win. Good for you that's your perogative. But unless you know facts everyone else doesn't quit slagging Marcel because I would sure bet you would make a worse mess of this team than it is.

It really doesn't matter what we received for Maas. The Ticat organization opened up $300,000 maybe they won't use it tonight but in the off season who knows....